Journey back on Memory lane

Four men once so evil that on one or nothing was left alive or unburned in their path. Time caught up with them and they were punished. Can time make amends? Can they run from their past deeds forever?

My name is Damon, a Ranger and protector of the Realm forest of the west, and animals that make their home here.  This is where I spent most of my time.  I do not stay at one spot for too long and I’m 430 years of age.  A story and history lost within this world, or that is what I truly wish for.  The cracking of the wooden cart wheels
over the dirt road breaks the awkward silence as I sit here besides a stranger.  I look down to hide my face more from under my cloak.  I wonder why this man let me ride with him on his cart that is already beyond overload.  If time turn backwards and he knew my name and face, will he repeat his offer to me for a ride?  Would I be able to blame him if he pretends not to see me and drive past me? Or worse run for his life? For four hundred years I have lived each day with the nightmares.  The horror faces before me, all of my creation all those time ago. After all these centuries one would think that no one would care or remember. But it always catches up with me where ever I go, as though it's tradition that the stories must never get lost. 

The man next to me is moving about and I look up slightly, glaring his way. I can
see he wants to say something as he suddenly looks my way with a smile.  He looks down briefly and I see his expression change from wonder to fear.  I see my hand was showing despite my best effort to keep it hidden.  My dragon tattoo is showing and I know that is a signature to everyone of who I am and it would be pointless to hide it now.  All the good I do will never make up for history deeds.  While to the human population they are not seen.  I can see the edge of the forest coming closer and I sigh with relief.  The man's face is full of terror and I can see he tries to hide it. Pretending that he does not know who I am now, fearing for his life.

I close my eyes with regret.  He gives me his kindness, a complete stranger to him, and I repay him with fear.  My instincts betray me once more when I said
yes to the ride to begin with.  What right do I have to this?  No goodness I
did in all my life makes up for my past deeds.  Death by a dragon would have been more merciful but instead I received immortality and a soul as punishment. Serve we well. Let me suffer the horror dreams I bestowed upon others before my gift of a soul.  Often I wonder how long must I suffer still.  Is four hundred years not enough? I glare at the man once more; for once I must try to make amends.

“I thank you for your kindness, you have a good heart upon a stranger.” I try my
best to calm him. I’m out of training. I do not know more of what I can do.
“You can stop the cart here, I am close enough to my destination and will not
impose on your kindness any longer.” I am surprised when the man does not obey.

I glare at him and he was staring back at me. His face more calm now. I removed
my cloak from my face so we can see each other clearly. He looks surprised. Did
my face not wear the monster features the stories make of me?

The End

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