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The evening was threatening and lonesome. A fire burnt in a dark fireplace. Although dangerous, it remained in the safety of the grate, barely fighting to be free. It burned most fiercely like passion, anger overcame it and it died down with loss and grief. A young girl sat at the hearth, not taking in its heat but staring into the fire, mermerized by its potential. By the age of sixteen Alyssa had experienced many things that most people would not experience in their lifetime. She had lost her father at the age of ten, her mother died seven months later and her only surviving relative Uncle Sam passed away just one year ago today. The day is January fifteenth two thousand and ten. It is not unlike yesterday or any other winters day but Alyssa dd not move from the fireplace since lunchtime. She could not move from it, something about how the flames moved today fascinated her and comforted her.

When she closed her eyes, Alyssa could still remember her mother and father. Their smiles and laughs, the way her mother floats not walked and the way her father would kiss her before he went off to war. She could still recall how her mother's red hair shone in the sunlight. It was darker and more vibrant than Alyssa's but everyday people were commenting on how Alyssa seemed to become more like her mother. Her eyes shone a shade lighter than her father's blue eyes, the only thing she inherited from him. She wished that one day she could have her mother's hair and her father's eyes just so that she had one thing that reminded her of them forever.

Because she was an only child and had no living relatives, Alyssa was put into foster care but was saved from ,oving from her home town by a lovely old couple Jim and Jean Meander. They had never had children themselves but when Uncle sam dies they stepped forward and asked permission to adopt the child of sixteen as their own. Witht the fact that Jim was a part of the police force and served in the army and both were valued members of the community of Thorte, it was not long before the adoption was finalised and Alyssa moved into their small but cozy home.

Alyssa was small for her age but only a little bit, her voice was not loud and she was polite and courteous. She had a button nose that wrinkled when she laughed just like her mother and sje was beginning to show signs that  she would catch all the boys eyes, just like her mother, Alice, did. With her vibrant red hair and middling blue eyes Alyssa was a true Marin. Her parent and uncle moved to Thorte months after Alyssa was born but no one knew from where they came from. They neveer told the community and the only people Alyssa's parents talked to where the Meanders, although Uncle Sam never liked them very much. Alyssa about this subject before but all he woud say was that they travelled from the west and Thorte seemed the right place at the right time for them. The answer always seemed enough for Alyssa at the time but as days passed she would find herself questioning everything again but afraid to bring it up.

Owning to the fact that it was the day of her uncle's death, Mrs Meander did not bother Alyssa much but left her on her own. Alyssa was smart and funny Mrs Meander thought, she will snap out of this mood, it was part of becoming a teenager, she concluded.

At seven o clock, the clock struck like it did every hour since it had been placed on the mantelpiece nineteen years previous. Alyssa felt a chill down her neck from a breeze. She turned to see if a door was open but none were. Confused Alysaa turned around to find the fire had burst to life. It was now licking the wood that fed it, nearly touching the inside of the chimney. In a moment of fear she jumped back, not knowing how the fire had changed so quickly. Then looking closer she seen seomthing that she had been suppressing all day, her parents. It was not a snapshot of them, they were moving, laughing, like they were in front of here but could not see her. Then, without warning, Mrs Meander came into the room diverting Alyssa attention and the fire died down. Upon seeing this rapid shrinking of fire Mrs Meander dropped the tray she was carrying and stared at Alyssa and then the firs. A moment or two passed before anyone moved and then Alyssa rose and started to clean up the chaos on the floor. Seconds later Jean leaned down to help her and in silence they cleared the clutter up. The Jean disappeared with the mess and left alysaa alone once again.

She did not go back to the fire. She did not know why but even though she wanted to see her parents, she did not feel safe, she felt like someone was watching her. She felt perplexed, torn between fear and seeing her parents again. Alyssa went to her bedroom and lay there for what seemed like hours before she drifted off to sleep.

The End

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