Steak and Potatoes.

September 2nd



               I stretched and looked out the window of Clara’s bedroom suite. I was always the first one up, being an early riser and all. I felt a little weird after Truth or Dare last night. I hadn’t really wanted to tell the Aces about Billie, she wasn’t really ‘Ace’ material, or even popular material. She was pretty nerdy, but had potential, but potential I didn’t want to deal with. I felt kind of bad for Billie though, we were total opposites, and she always wanted to be in my business. She was my age, and I don’t even know why they had to adopt her. I liked it being just my brother and I, but I was nice to her because she’s been bouncing from foster home to foster home, but she still worked my nerves.

               “Wake up girls!” I called, stepping on everyone’s sides lightly on purpose. They all moaned and groaned, and complained but they finally got up. Clara looked at the time and hit me on the head with a pillow.

               “It’s nine o’clock!” She said, faking irritation. I was an early riser and all of the Aces knew it. Clara’s mom, Debbie, came in and asked what we wanted from Starbucks. I ordered a caramel macchiato like always, my favorite drink. The girls told Debbie what they wanted and she left.  Clara popped in the movie we had paused to play Truth or Dare, and we all watched half-heartedly, we were still a little groggy, but not enough where we could go back to sleep. 

               “Diamonds, what are we going to do today? Shopping?” Ashley asked Clara, who shrugged.

               “Do you want to?” Mindy asked her, cocking her eyebrow. We all knew what the answer was; I mean who didn’t want to go shopping? Our credit cards were always paid off, and we had drivers to drive us around.

               “Duh Mindy, who wouldn’t want to?” Clara replied, rolling her eyes. I checked my phone out of habit, and found seventeen new messages, all of them from people I didn’t like enough to talk to. Yeah that was rude, but the truth is ugly. Love it or hate it, just like The Four Aces. When Clara’s mother got home she took us to the mall and went to do her own shopping.

               “Credit cards girls?” Clara asked, whipping hers out. We all did the same and laughed. Being rich was fabulous. We went into many stores, grabbing everything that caught our eye, and headed towards the dressing rooms. You could hear us laughing and joking around from the opposite side of the mall, but none of the workers cared, as long as we had money, we could be as loud as we wanted to.  We showed each other every outfit we tried on, and if we got the same thing, whoever it looked better on got it. It was usually unfair because if you battled Clara, she almost always won.  Clara and I always picked the cutest stuff first, but all was fair in love and fashion!

               We went to almost every clothing store first, and then the jewelry stores, and then anything else that fit our fancy. At about four o’clock Debbie came and picked us up. We had too many bags to fit in the trunk, so we had to pack them in with us. We went home, grabbed our stuff, and then Debbie dropped us off at our houses. When I got home I put all of my bags on my queen sized bed. It had a white bedspread and butterfly net. My room was white, with a billion different color paint splatters all around it. I had a ball painting it, I remember in the first grade I told my mom I wanted my room to be painted green, pink, orange, yellow, purple, black, red and any other color you could think of, so she just decided that I should paint splatter it, so I did.

               My black and white spotted Great Dane, Moose, walked in and sniffed around my bags. I know it wasn’t very princess-y to have a Great Dane, but I loved him. I had gotten him when I was in the sixth grade, so he was still young. He slept with me every night, even though he was huge. In one corner of the room I had a desk topped with a pink Mac, and a picture frame with a picture of all of my friends in it. On the opposite corner, diagonal was my vanity. It had many pictures taped onto the mirror part, and three make-up bags in a line. My closet door was next to the vanity, and it was huge. It was “U” shaped, and had two racks for each side. My dresser was at the end, along with a full length mirror. I had all of my clothes color coordinated, and arranged by bottoms, shirts, and dresses. I put away all of my clothes and then hopped on chat with Clara. Soon it was time for dinner: steak and potatoes, my favorite.  


The End

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