A Sour Victory

Hunter wandered away from camp to wash up in a nearby stream. Her clothes were ruined thanks to that savage Speedy. She found her way back to town. Most of the citizens had took to the bars to celebrate Gogant's victory with him. She took advantage of the situation. She took a burlap sack with her as she entered a vacant house. There was a time when she would have considered stealing to be a crime far beneath her, then she thought about how far it had taken her in her quest to find the fountain and save her father. She filled the sack with a few simple garments she found in a cedar chest, some food , a wool blanket and a lantern. She threw a light green dress on over her still damp under garments.

She returned to camp quickly to hide the bag, along with the brick of silver she had taken earlier. She knew Gogant would not tolerate a thief in his company. The man had a sense of honor, but was ruthless with criminals. She did not want to be on his hit list. So far they had not been off to a good start.

Hunter found Gogant and the others at the local pub. Drogan, Aurich, Speedy, Simon and Jaricho all seemed to be engaged in high spirits and aged ale. It was the murderous look on Gogant's face that concerned her. It was the same look he wore before he punished the bandit leader. She rushed over to great him, hoping to break him out of his dangerous trance.

“What do you say to toasting our victory?” She asked scoring them two drinks from one of the bar maidens. Gogant leaned against the counter. He downed his rum in a matter of two seconds before slamming his glass back down on the counter. Hunter followed his gaze to a man who had just entered the bar. For all she knew the man was a stranger to Gogant, yet the glint in his eyes told her he was planning to make the man his next victim. She stepped in front of Gogant, who pushed her to the side. He was fixated on a fight. There was nothing she could do to stop him. 

The End

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