New Heading, New Members

Gogant hit the bandit leader once more, spraying blood across the wall of their small room. Behind them, Drogan and Aurich stood in silence, not daring to try and stop Gogant. It was a wise move on their part, for the last time they had done so it had ended with Gogant sended the other two to the infirmary.

"Are you sure zat's all!?" Gogant roared at the downed man, who was now only wearing trousers and massive amounts of his own blood.

"Ye- yes! I swear!" The man cried sheilding his bearded face from any further hits. Gogant decided to trust the man's word. After all, he had been beating the bandit for nearly an hour now to no further avail.

"Alright." Gogant drew his blade, and in one fell swoop, he took the bearded man's head off. The head, as well as the man's now limp corpse, fell to the ground. "Drogan, take ze 'ead and grab our money. Aurich, call a meeting between our new members, including ze ones who joined after ze last battle. I 'ave zings to discuss."

Without saying anything else, Gogant left the room and headed to the nearby inn. He had to get the blood of his armor before meeting his subordinates.


Gogant sat at a large table in a secluded room a few hours later, his armor now clean of the blood he had decorated it with. In front of him were almost three dozen men, with the exception of Hunter, who was a woman. For some reason, she still wore her ripped and dirty clothing. Maybe the woman just didn't care what others thought?

"Everyone is here," Aurich whispered in Gogants ear. Gogant nodded to his cousin, noting all the new members.

He stood and commanded everyone's attention. "Alright. Zere is something I must tell you all." Most the men in the group gave him an odd look, most likely expecting bad news. "I 'ave gotten us a 'eading," Gogant continued, causing a small cheer to arise, "But, it is in ze new world's southern edge."

The men looked confused, though a few had a dark expression across their faces. Yes, they knew about the exploration attempts to the southern parts of the New World. About how they all disappeared with the exception of one crew of half crazed men, who had been 'sent' to tell of the atrocities.

"Anyway," Drogan interupted, "This is your last chance to leave the group, or to say bye to your relatives and friends. You have one day to do so and to decide. Meet us at this Inn when you are done and if you are coming." Drogan dismissed them, then headed off, obviously ignoring Gogant. He always was mad after Gogant had one of his 'moments.'

Gogant saw Aurich stop Simon at the door for some reason before leading the man off. Gogant figured they would head out to see just how good the man was in combat. Aurich had an eye for talent after all, something he had picked up from Gogant's old acquaintances. 

Gogant left then, ignoring a few of the members of his group on the way. Right now, he needed to grab a drink, and maybe a fight. Yeah, a fight was always good. Maybe someone could actually stand up against him?

Laughing to himself, Gogant exited the Inn.

The End

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