Shopping List

Jaricho didnt like it when Gogant and his brother took on jobs like killing the bandits. Jaricho could fight very well, he was good with both a sword and a gun, but he preferred negotiation and trade over killing somebody for money. Still, he went along with the plan. The bandits were almost too easy to dispatch, but the leader seemed capable, greedy, like the best of them, but capable.

Jaricho only watched as the leader was captured, he knew that Gogant and Aurich were fully capable of getting the information they needed out of anyone, and didnt need a language expert to do it. He waited as he received his share of the silver, and his own greedy self smiled inside. Jaricho quickly went back into the village, making a mental list of what would be needed to be purchased in order for the group to carry on to the next location. The fountain, in England, it was doubtful. It was probably somewhere nearly unreachable, like the Himalayas, or the depths of the New World, or perhaps in Africa.

As Jaricho walked up the street, he became aware of footsteps behind him. Turning, he noticed Hunter, the girl who was a thief, approaching. She didn't make any conscious effort to stay hidden, but Jaricho noticed her gait and how she tended to veer toward the shadows. Hunter was a girl used to trying to stay unseen, but she wasnt trying to stay hidden to Jaricho. He stopped and waited for her.

"You wanted to do some shopping as well?" He asked.

"Well, it's the first time I've had enough money to do so." She replied.

"Well, food is the top priority," Jaricho was all business, "and since our little band keeps growing, we're going to need a lot of it. I dont know how long it is 'til the next town, so it's best to be prepared."

"Of course, and we will need weapons as well," Hunter added.

"Well, I think we have enough of those. All of our fighters are bristling with blades in my opinion," Jaricho shook his head in disappointment. "Even I've got a short sword that I carry at all times, but still, we are adventurers, not mercenaries. I'm a merchant, a negotiator, not a killer." It was a thrilling speech, in Jaricho's opinion, but Hunter didn't react much.

"Still, we need some way to maintain the weapons we have. It's not good to be caught in the wilderness without a way to defend ourselves."

Jaricho pushed open the door to the first shop. "We also need fabric and thread, for patching up worn clothing," He said, glancing at Hunter's worn outfit, she was dressed like a man, in trousers and a dark shirt and vest. It fit her well, but there were patches where the fabric was nearly worn through, and there was a hole in the trousers covering her left knee. Her boots were worn too. "We may also want to get you some proper clothing, perhaps a dress, though I think we'll stick with trousers for the most part." He added quickly, noticing her bristle at the word "dress."

The End

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