Secured Lies

Hunter smiled in fascination as she led the Bandits to their destruction. She had to admit playing the part of one was fun. In some ways it came naturally to her. She had easily scoped out Zeke, a burly and heavily bearded man who seemed to be calling the shots. She stared at him admiringly, and only half of that was a facade. He was corrupt and greedy, yes, what with stealing things he didn't truly need. Also he was bold and demanding of his people. His strength and wisdom made the game all the more fun.  She loved this kind of victory, it was none to satisfying when her opponents were dull and weak.

Zeke was not a weak or dull man. He was simply consumed in his own greed. He played the role of a poor hapless farmer as Hunter seemingly helped him infiltrate the merchants trade. Just as they were handed over mass quantities of silver she warned the men that the farmers had not been properly contained with the lie that the bandits had told them. Earlier Zeke had tricked the farmers into believing the trade was postponed due to a late shipment. The crowd of bandits was much smaller than Speedy had predicted, so in truth a lie was the only thing containing them. Communication must be severely lacking in this neck of the woods, Hunter thought.

Zeke was a stubborn man, he was hesitant to lead the bandits in the other direction with all the silver they had pocketed, but he also knew that his dozen men didn't stand a chance against a gang of angry corn fed farmers. Reluctantly the man switched gears and instead of heading out of town with the silver he lead the bandits, under Hunter's influence, right into Gogants trap.

Hunter bit back fear as she watched Gogant lead the villagers in a ruthless battle against the bandits. She shuddered to think what kind of fate he would offer someone who's crime was any higher than theft. She felt the wight of the silver secured in her pocket. She hoped that with the silver's value she could successfully trade her way up to the Fountain of youth. There was many things to consider, food, weapons, occasional shelter; these things would not be given freely to Gogant and his roughed up crew. This was her contribution, whether he saw it that way or not.

The End

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