Gogant ran from the dozen or so Bandits, lead by a bearded man. From what Gogant remembered, he was the leader of the group. 

"Grab that trash!" the man yelled as he ran. Gogant had destroyed their ammunition and equipment with a fire, so they had to rely on swords. Gogant carried no weapons aside from two knives tucked away in his sleaves and he had let them know that. 

After all, the perfect bait was a helpless target and, Gogant supposed, a little help from his friends.

Gogant passed through a narrow clearing of trees, passing several hidden men, and stopped at the edge of the clearing. Behind him, the group of bandits slowed to a stop and eyed him suspiciously. Gogant almost laughed, but forced the feeling down. He waited to do anything until he saw a slim female bandit leave the group unnoticed by her peers.

"Seems like I lose," Gogant cried, throwing his hands up. 

Some of the bandits nearly ran over to attack him, but were stopped by the bearded strategist. "He might have another trick," the man spat through yellow teeth, "so let's see if we can get him to come to us." The idiotic man thought Gogant didn't hear him, obviously.

"I 'ave a favor to ask, monsieur," Gogant asked the bearded man. He just stared at Gogant, waiting for more. "I am curious as to what you know about ze Fountain of Youth."

The other man just laughed. Gogant took a step toward him, causing the bandit to stop laughing and smile. "Ahhh yes, THAT fountain," he said, "Well, we found out where-" Gogant took a step forward "-to find it. Just come a little closer. That's right."

Gogant took a few more steps before he realized the bandit was done talking and from the looks of the others in his group, they weren't talking either. Gogant just sighed and lowered his arms. "Leave ze bearded one alive, please?" He called, signaling the hidden men to unload their guns on the surrounded bandits. Gogant pulled a knife and threw it into the bearded bandit's leg, causing him to fall. 

A few moments later, ant the only bandit alive was the one Gogant had wanted to live. He walked over to the downed man, who cried in pain from the knife in his leg. It was slightly funny, but Gogant was more concerned with what the man knew.

"We did it!" a villager shouted, starting a huge cheer. Gogant thanked them as nicely as he could, before rushing them away.

"You, monsieur," Gogant said to the only surviving bandit, "are coming wiz me."

The End

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