Hunter looked over the piece of parchment Gogant had given her. His accent was too hard to decipher this early in the morning. His handwriting wasn't much better. Hunter glanced at the piece of paper. A map was etched on it. Xs marked the spot that the gang of bandits had already hit. She shook her head. The bandits had started at the lower East end of the city, which was more of a slum than anything. Word would have spread by the time the gang of bandits made it towards the upper east side, where the real riches lay. “Idiots," she mumbled.

She studied the map a bit longer. If bandits were still in the area they didn't have too many places to hide. Her thoughts were interrupted by a groggy voice. “Where is everybody?”

Hunter glanced back behind her, sure enough everyone was gone. How had she got stuck with the bed head? Speedy's blonde hair was a mess sticking up in every which direction. Speedy made his way over to her and yanked the map out of her hands. He glanced at it for a quick moment before making a deceleration. “Alright. Here's the plan. The bandits are most likely headed towards West Valley. The only thing that seems to be stolen from the poor  in the East is weapons and clothing. The bandits probably plan to use the local weaponry and clothing to disguise themselves as farmers from the nearby West Valley. So it would make sense that the farmers of West Valley are being held hostage by most of the bandits, whilst they send their better men to infiltrate the weekly trade that just so happens to be going on in the city later today. The bandits are going to steal the crops from the farmers in the West and bring them to the merchants in the East in exchange for Silver. The bandits have one main objective; walk away with the silver that would otherwise go to the west.”

Hunter blinked rapidly. “Your English is harder to make sense of than Gogant's.”

Speedy grabbed a blade from his satchel bag and began to sharpen it with a stone. “ Hold still.” Speedy demanded as he knelt down in front of her. Before Hunter could question the lunatic, he cut away the hem of her dress, and tore art the fabric. Hunter reacted by kicking the man square in the chest. “What was that for I'm trying to help!” He shouted, bewildered.

Hunter stared at the man like he had two heads. “You cut my dress!” She yelled.

Speedy simply, shrugged, “What's it to you. You probably stole it anyways.”

Hunter bit her lip. So what if she had, that wasn't the point. “At least I'm not barbaric about my business.”

Speedy laughed, “Business? Is that what yer calling it now?”' Hunter cut him off with a death stare. He stopped laughing. “Besides I need you to play a role,” he said.

Defiantly, Hunter crossed her arms. “What role would you have me play?”

“Well since you asked; I'm going to have you play a bandit, disguised as a farmer. Should be an easy task for you.” Speedy chuckled. Next he dipped his hands in the mud and came at her dress. Hunter cringed as he smeared the mud all over the once expensive fabric. “Take your hair out of the braid, and messy it up some.”

Hunter did so obligingly. “Just what role are you going to play?”

Speedy walked over to a mirror propped against his tent. He pulled out a fine tooth comb and began to comb his hair. “I am going to be a merchant.”

Before Hunter could complain about the unfairness of the situation, Speedy threw a sheathed knife at her. She caught it and instinctively tucked it in her boot. Speedy did the same thing with his own.

“Stay close to the leader of the bandits, find out everything. Where he lives, where he has been stashing the goods. Most likely he will brag about it to his friends. Do not try to take him on yourself, understood.”

Hunter nodded her head slowly.

“And another thing. Here's this.” He tossed her something that looked like a rubber tube on the end of a cord.

“What is it?” She asked.

Speedy grinned. “It's a turkey call. Our distress signal. I have one too.” He pulled out a similar looking necklace that he had tucked on the inside of his tunic. Hunter smiled appreciatively, this guy was sure smarter than he looked.

The End

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