Gogant awoke before everyone else, as usual, and headed toward his meeting spot. 

He always set one nearby for the the local broker. Brokers had been extremely useful in his journey, and continued to be useful with all the jobs they had for him. They always found the jobs with high pay, too.

Gogant stepped into the designated clearing and immediately spotted a small man in a nice outfit. He was probably a merchant of high profit when he wasn't peddling jobs to mercenaries and self-proclaimed heroes. Fools is what they should be called.

"What do you 'ave for me?" Gogant asked, hoping he would get another good one. The last job had payed for almost a month on the road, but that ran out quickly. His best bet was to raise as much money as he could possibly carry.

"More bandits, I'm afraid," the man said handing Gogant a parchment, "A lot more." Gogant ignored the man and read the report. Apparently, there had been a massive amount of bandit's that attcked a locale city and lost. Now, Gogant was once again hired to do clean up.

"Ze reports say zat zere is only a dozen or so wiz zem," Gogant said to the man, " 'ow do you know zat?" Last time, there had been triple that many in one camp.

"You will be meeting other groups of armed villigers who have volunteered to fight. I just need your men to advise and lead them." The man smiled and pointed to the other side of the parchment.

Gogant flipped it over and, sure enough, there were the details proving the man to be truthful. "Alright zen, consider it done."

They parted ways and Gogant went back to camp. Along the way he examined the details of the job. Where the bandits were located, how many they were reported to have, and so on. It seemed like a simple enough job, but Gogant was overjoyed. He could work alone once more. He supposed this would be a chance to prove his new comrades.

"Everyone up!" Gogant shouted once he was back to the camp. Surprisingly, most of them were already up. The only one who still slept, unsurprisingly, was Speedy. 

"What is it, Gogant?" Aurich shouted back. The others just sat around the fire. Some of them looked as if they had been woken up. Drogan's work no doubt.

"We 'ave a job," Gogant said. He explained it briefly, not expecting the newcomers to actually listen, and told them that they would start immediately. "We will go in groups, zough," Gogant continued, makiking the newcomers perk up slightly, " Drogan, take Simon and go take out ze eastern group. 'unter, you will be wiz Speedy, when ze lazy cretin awakes. Take the norzern group. As for you, jericho, go with Aurich to the southernmost group."

"um, could you repeat that" Hunter said, looking still half asleep. Gogant just glanced at her and tossed the parchment outlining the job toward her.

"Read up, my little zeif," Gogant said with a large smile. "We meet back in the town. Head out when your ready." 

Gogant left to prepare before any of them could say anything. He needed to get started before they could argue.

The End

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