Old Friends

Drogan stepped inside Gogants tent. The large man seemed sober, so Gogant didn't rush him right back out. Being drunk was not something all men could handle. Drogan was constantly proof of that.

"So," Drogan said as he sat down on the hard ground, "You got another lead."

"Yes, zough it is more of a confirmation, frère." Gogant scratched his head and thought of all the hints and cluse he had gathered over the years. He knew almost every legend and story and had a solid idea of how the Well works. The problem was it's location.

"'The Spring of Youthful Spirit lies where water is spilt,'" Drogan said, quoting one of the stories about the Well. Gogant knew it by heart. It had been about a group of adventurers who had found the entrance of the Well only to turn back. Apparently, the Well was some sort of curse as well as a gift. Gogant didn't care. He would NOT die. Not again.

"Thinking about your near death experience again?" Drogan asked.

"Of course not," Gogant lied.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll take your word, my french brother," Drogan laughed.

"Anyway, we both knew it might lay in America," Gogant said, trying not to talk to fast.

"And that it also might be near Stonehenge," Drogan added. He had been pushing that idea over and over again.

"I do not zink zat book was... er, well reliable," Gogant replied. He had read Way To Eternity a few times and things had not added up. Drogan swore the book was the most reliable due to a few hints and how it was written.

"'The Way to the Eternal world is through the Rock Gateway,'" Drogan quoted from Way to Eternity, "It makes since. Not to mention that Stonehenge is in England. And where is England located?"

"A large island, I know, frère..." Gogant sighed. He would not win, so he might as well head there first. At least it wasn't too far out of the way. He could travel to the nearest port and buy a ship to go to America. "Fine, we travel to Stone'enge first, D'ogan..." 

To the side, he heard a rustle. That Hunter was good. After all, no one else in the camp could eavesdrop on Gogant without notice. Maybe it was because she was a woman..? Women always were cunning. They were foxes.

Gogant sighed. "Drogan, I zink it is time to get some sleep, non?" Drogan nodded and left Gogant's tent. It was going to be interesting with three more in there group, but Gogant was sure it would work out. He only needed them til he found the Well's entrance, anyway. After that... Well, he would have to see.

The End

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