The Unknown

Hunter tried her best to conceal her emotions when Gogant announced they were going to America, because of a rumored lead in the search for the Fountain. She had lost hope and at that moment. She wasn't sure if the Craes cousins were a creditable source anymore. Had they really been shooting in the dark this whole time? Stealing leads? The strategy was...not much better than what she was doing before. She would be furious if the men had deceived her by pretending to be knowledgeable about the fountain. Gogant's notebook had been indecipherable. So the possibility of the him and Aurich being frauds was  still up in the air.  She sighed, before walking away from the fire.  She'd stick it out for a couple more days, before making up her mind about the men.

Hunter kept busy, sharpening tree branches, to equal heights. She dug the branch stakes into the ground and draped a tarp ,that she had bartered for in the last town, over them. The makeshift shelter would offer her some form of protection if it should rain and would be easy to tote on her back. She had become accustomed to the nomad lifestyle. For months now she had ventured from hundreds of miles away from her home . The trip had been trying at first, she thought she would die of starvation after the first couple nights, she was robbed of her belongings The only thing she managed to run off with was her bow. She had to be careful in the wilderness, learn how to fight and fend for herself. Even if that meant lying and stealing.

She also learned to become observant. Whenever she got the opportunity too, she would break into a vacant home to suffice her own needs. Bathing and grooming herself and stealing clothing when her's became to tattered. She learned that if you dressed and groomed like an aristocrat you were allocated special treatment. Of course her once pale and delicate skin was becoming darker and her hands calloused. She was careful to wear gloves to hide the cuts and scrapes that nature had rewarded her. She even perfected the speech of the upper class. As horrid as the facade was, she had to admit it was fun playing a role. Though she missed her father and sister, worrying would only slow her down. She would need to send word of her survival back to her village soon.

Tonight she would allow herself a peaceful rest. She had finally found Gogant, and though the ambush didn't go as planned, the man had given her his word that he would lead her to the Fountain as long as she obeyed his orders. She stayed awake until she heard the crackling of the fire die down. It was childish, but she wasn't a fond of the dark, especially in unknown territory. She forced her mind to summon lighter thoughts; she drifted into the familiar reassurance that the memories of her sister and father offered. The thought of her family strengthened her determination. Once she brought her father the gifts of the Fountain of Youth she'd restore his health and everything would go back to normal. For now she wouldn't dwell on the obstacles that she had yet to face. There was no way to prepare for the unknow

The End

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