The Conquest of Youth: Begin!

Gogant sat on a freshly cut log, facing the burning flames of the campfire, waiting on the final three members of his expedition crew. His long red coat and neat brown pants added with the intense fire made him sweat. But his mind was on the size of his expedition force. He had been hoping for more to find their way on board, especially after he spread the rumors about himself and Aurich. Luckily, the ones who he had found were talented.

Hunter sat across from him looking into the campfire. She had a dark skin tone and dark hair, making her foreign. Gogant wasn't sure where she came from, but he didn't care. She would be useful. Honestly, if it hadn't been for Hunter taking his journal, Gogant wouldn't be aware of her true nature. Yes... she was a great liar and would be an amazing spy if he could teach her right.

His peddler, Jericho, was working wonders already. He stood next to a nearby tree, examining Hunter. The man was a genius when it came to marketing. He was also a natural at gathering information, he just lacked experience. Gogant sighed, Jericho had been kicked out of a few places in the past few days. At least he was improving. The main problem was his looks. No one seemed to take a dark haired boy seriously in a pub. 

As for Simon... Gogant knew some of why he had joined. He was a criminal of war. That was what the rumors said anyway. That made him have military experience, which was always useful. Gogant wished he had more manpower, but was glad he had some experienced fighters. 

"Zink of Lucifer..." Gogant quoted as Simon walked into the small camp, followed by Speedy and Drogan. Gogant had sent Simon to see if he would follow simple orders still. The man had done the task well. 

Drogan dwarfed the smaller two men with his enormous build and height. For some reason his red hair was spiked up in an almost flame-like fashion, despite his fear of fire. The man was a good friend, but it seemed he had found the booze. He fell next to Aurich, who sat carving something next to his tent. 

Speedy, however, just watched nonchalantly before sitting next to Gogant at the fire. The boy had an athletic build and light blonde hair, making him seem like an average man. He was anything but. With a wit faster than anyone Gogant had met and tactical mind almost on par with Gogant's own head, he was a great tool. Not to mention, the young man could shoot well. Aside from his childish personality, he was a perfect companion.

Gagant stood, ignoring Drogan's snoring, and signalled everyone to be quiet. Hunter just glanced up, but the others - the ones who weren't  asleep - all looked his way. "Zanks to Speedy and Jaricho, we 'ave a new clue," Gogant said loudly, trying to slow his speaking, so no one would have to have him repeat himself. It was annoying that some of them found his accent hard to understand. He continued, "Apparently, zere is an English ship 'eaded to America in search of our query. So, naturally, we wil head zere too. Enten- er.... Understand?"


The End

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