See if I Come Here Again (Jaricho)

"That's enough nonsense from you." The man said angrily, hoisting the young man up by his collar and throwing him out of his store quite literally.

Jaricho stood and brushed himself off, adjusting his jacket in one sharp movement. "See if I come here again!" He nearly shouted at the door that had just been slammed in his face. Jaricho was good with accents, but right now, his true American accent was heard loud and clear, with its hard R's and A's. "Blasted Brits," He muttered. "Mention the Fountain of Youth and they think you're nuts," Jaricho sighed. "And here I thought this was the land of good manners."

Shrugging, he headed off in the direction of camp, the foggy English night was chilly, and he shoved his hands deep in his pockets, hunching his shoulders so they nearly touched the brim of his hat. From about twenty feet away, he could make out a fire and several figures where the camp was situated.

"Bonjour mon Capitain!" Jaricho said in his leader's native language. "I haven't had much luck with getting supplies yet, but we'll get them."

"Speak English, Jaricho." Gogant called, also in French. "We have picked up a stray."

"Oh?" Jaricho came closer, now making out the figures of the two leaders and an extra, a girl of light build, dressed like a thief, Jaricho quickly did a count of the items in his pockets as well as around the camp. Everything seemed in order. "And who is this?" He didnt bother affecting any accent beside his own, no need for disguise among friends, even new ones.

"Hunter." The girl said shortly. Jaricho laughed. 

"And here we all thought 'Hunter' was going to be a man. You are just a girl." 

"And you are just a boy. Hardly in a position to make any judgements." She looked him in the eyes. Jaricho met her gaze, still smiling. 

"Touche." He said, grinning, then turned to Gogant and Aurich. "You two manage to find any food in this dismal hole of a town?" He sat down at the fire with a thump, ready to just curl up in his tent and fall asleep, save for the rumbling in his stomach. "I'm starving."

The End

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