One Condition

Hunter stared at Gogant's back as he turned to walk away. She was conflicted. He was being to generous and far to trusting. She didn't work well with others, she didn't have the patience for it. She had been a nomad for the past month steeling and cheating her way out tense situations.

“Wait!' She called after Gogant. Slowly he turned around, a sly smile turned across his face.“First.” She said. “I'm not a thief, not usually. I took your journal for personal reasons and...” She trailed off.

“And what?” He prodded.

She sighed reluctantly. “I'm sorry.”

He nodded his head. “It iz Hunter right?” He asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yes.”She said averting her eyes. Now she'd have to spill everything.

“You weren't what I was expecting.” Gogant said.

“Likewise.” She replied.

“Do you still wish to sell me your secrets?” He stared at her bemused.

“I have none.”' She confessed.

Gogant shook his head. “Just as I suspected, more lies.”

Hunter opened her mouth to speak, but Gogant held up his hand gesturing her to be quiet. “You are not only a zief but a liar, but I'm sure I could find some use for you. However, zere is one condition. I am in charge of this expedition. You will obey my orders or I will leave you stranded in the forest and take your weapons for scalping. N'est- ce pas?” He held out his hand for her to shake it. Hunter thought about it for a minute. She didn't follow orders very well, but it seemed she was at an opposition. Gogant stared her down impatiently. She swallowed her pride as she reached out to shake his hand.

The End

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