Gogant and "Hunter"

Gogant sat at a table in the pub, waiting on the man named Hunter. He was already late and if not for Drogan in the next town searching for clues, Gogant would have already left. Though, the drinks at this pub were good. Better than most he had had. 

But nothing beat the classical French drinks. 

Aurich sat at the bar, talking with Simon. The man was very upbeat, despite being a deserter. Gogant knew all about him from some drunk soldiers a few towns over. He was probably blamed and freaked out. But Gogant just needed more manpower. He could handle the small fry by himself, but he regrettably needed help on the bigger jobs...

Gogant sighed and went to fetch his journal only to find it wasn't there. He chuckled a bit remembering the strange girl. Even if it was the alcohol making him laugh, he still thought it funny. If that girl had taken the journal, she would only find a headache. He had written it in a code that translated two ways. One way would tell all Gogant's secrets. He was the only one who knew that translation too. The other just made fun of the reader.

Still giggling a little, Gogant got up and walked out of the pub. Looking around, he saw the tree he had almost fell asleep behind earlier and walked over to search the ground. After a bit, he realized there was nothing but the grass lay on the ground. 

"Now w'ere is zat journal....," Gogant muttered wiping his hair back. 

"What is this?!" a female voice said from behind him. Gogant turned to be met with his journal smacking into his face. He caught it and laughed. The alcohol was wearing off, but it still had an affect.

"My journal," Gogant replied, trying not to giggle, "W'at are you? A succubus?"

She calmed herself, probably thinking him drunk still. Gogant just laughed and walked past her toward the bar. 

"If you want to get to ze Well," he said slowly, "You'll 'ave to follow me, 'Hunter.'" 

Behind him, Gogant heard a curse. Looks like he had a thief onboard. She might turn out useful, in any case.

The End

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