Killing and Stealing

The large man entered the tent behind him, rifle aimed at Gogant. 

"Drop the sword, noble," He said in a deep voice, "I'm pretty sure someone will pay a bounty for you." Gogant dropped his blade and thought out any possible plans. He still wore his 'fancy' clothing from his days with the army, so this idiot must think him some of the local royalty. It wasn't odd. They were in England after all.

Abruptly the larger man froze. Gogant realized a sharp blade pierced his neck. 

"What ze....," Gogant said startled. When he saw his cousin Aurich behind the bandit leader - there was no one else the large man could be - he grew annoyed. "I told you I could 'andle zis!"

"Well...," Aurich said in his odd accent, "I was a bit worried." He hadn't been born in France so it was natural for him to have a different accent. Though his insistence that he help with everything was getting on Gogant's nerves. He could do things like this by himself!

"W'at's done iz done," Gogant sighed. He picked up his sword and cut the dead man's head off and placed it in a bag that Aurich presented. He needed it to get the gold. 

"W'ere are ze ozers?" Gogant asked Aurich as he tied the bag. 

"Well since I knew the force here wasn't big, I let them go into town for supplies and information," Aurich said. He was a large man so he towered over Gogant, but he still seemed like a kid somehow.Probably because he was as optimistic and smiley as a kid...

"Fine, let us zee if zey 'ave found any'zing out, c'est-à-dire?" 

The two walked out of the camp, past the cowering men and dead corpses. They wouldn't rise again. No doubt they were afraid to try and take out two men that just killed the majority of their friends. 

Well, that's what happens when you make a living from killing and stealing.

The End

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