Gogant the Stand-Alone Leader

Ok so first part is going to be only Gogant and Aurich. The 'Others' will be off gathering supplies and information in the local town. This will let you guys choose how you want to enter.

Gogant Craes breathed slowly, forcing himself calm. He could do this. He didn't need help from the others.

Pulling an arrow from his small quiver, he set it in place on his hunting bow. Breathing deeply, Gogant took aim at the man down the trail. He was a sentry, so it was vital Gogant take him out first. Else, the whole enemy camp might be alerted. Even though it was a small force of twenty or so men, they were all trained. They were also scared and cornered. It was Gogant's job to make sure they stay like that.

The arrow left the bow silently and took the man in the throat. Gogant quickly ran toward the body, putting his bow on his back along the way. He grabbed the heavy man and pulled him into a nearby bush and placed him out of sight. 'Quickly!' Gogant thought as he retrieved his arrow and went to cover the blood trail on the road. 

When Gogant finished he delved back into the dark woods. The brilliant light of the full moon would give him away, otherwise. While he ran, Gogant checked his rifle's ammunition and his remaining arrows. They were both sufficiently supplied, so Gogant went over his mental map. The camp was small and usually surrounded the boss's tent. Since the boss of these bandits was Gogant's real target, that was a problem.

Gogant reached the clearing that held the bandit's camp. It was a small and sorry place. Half the tents weren't put up properly and damaged, only set up to protect from the cold. Some of the men didn't even have their's set up. They just rolled up in their tent cover. The men themselves, Gogant realized, looked to be half starved. Their torn clothing and hagard expressions didn't help either.

In the center was a tent that stood steadily. Even though it had tears here and there, the thing still looked impressive with its designed fabric and exotic entry flap. It was natural for a leader to have nicer things and a more regal sleeping quarters than his men, but this seemed to big a gap. Was this 'boss' a lord? Gogant would find out soon enough. 

Checking his rapier, Gogant settled into a good vantage point, which was a small hill covered in a few bushes and trees. Gogant pulled his rifle from its place on his back and set it up. He did the same for his bow and throwing knives. All he needed was the leader of this group's head, then he could head back to the others with a bag of gold in tow.

Pulling the first arrow, Gogant quickly released it and took out a sleeping man. He pulled another arrow a split second later and shot again, taking out the men who slept closest to him. He did this till all the exposed men who slept were dead. As for the the ones in tents...

Gogant pulled another arrow and shot a man who sat by a fire alone in the side. He immediately cried out in pain and started yelling. Perfect. 

Men ran out of their tents with guns in hand. All of them seemed confused and searched frantically for their attacker. They were not in high spirits, so Gogant doubted he would be exposed easily. He pulled another arrow and took out the ones he could. Bandit after bandit fell to the ground dead until the tired men finally discovered Gogant's whereabouts. 

Gogant swung himself behind a tree as bullets shot through the air around him. He dropped its bow and picked up his loaded rifle. There was no need to be silent anymore. 

Jerking around the tree, Gogant took aim and fired, killing one of the few men who were firing at his location, then jerked back behind the tree. Loading his gun, he prepared to run. Gogant wouldn't be able to take them all out, and that was fine, but if he waited too long...

Running toward the camp, Gogant shot another man and killed another with his bayonet. Pulling a knife from his coat, Gogant stabbed another man in the chest, stopping the man from shooting his gun. He then threw his drawn knife and took out a man who was in the process of reloading. He continued to run and easily dodge the bandits aim. It wasn't hard, considering their condition.

Gogant almost made it to the center tent when a brute of a man walked out from it with a large rifle. It was short range and emphasized on firepower. Gogant threw another knife toward them man and jerked behind the main tent. The man took the knife in the arm and followed Gogant around the tent. Gogant pulled his rapier and sliced the tent open and jumped inside. He was not about to die.

Looking around, Gogant realized the tent was empty. 'W'at ze..?' 

The End

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