Meeting The Mayor

"Oh, hello, there! Who are you?"

"Oh! I'm...I'm Natalie Crooks.... W-who are y-you?" I stammered.

"Pleasure to meet you, Natalie Crooks. I am Helique Gostropho, a Brown-Tailed Squiivver." He said, "But you may call me Heli." He said, then crouched down and patted the ground infront of him, before patting the top of my feet!

"I don't mean to be rude, Heli, but what are you doing?" I asked. He stood up.

"What? You mean you've never been greeted by a Forgotterner? Why, you must be new here! Let me explain... We, the Forgottereners, have lived in this world - the Forgotten world - for 500 years. Of course, back then, the World was not forgotten. Oh no, it was called Glakternspottern. The greatest kingdom in all the land!"

"Huh? Glak....Glaktern-what?" I stumbled over my words with difficulty.

"Glakternspottern." A smooth voice replied. I looked up to find a tall lady, at least a head taller than Heli. She had bright green hair down to her ankles and big red eyes. She was wearing a long sweeping pale green dress and red sandals, but instead of human hands and feet, she had paws! But the first thing I noticed about her was her cat ears! She also had cats eyes - slits as her iris's that replaced normal eyes.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I am Kilala Gostropho, Helique's wife." 

"Oh! Well It's nice to meet you Mrs Gostropho. I'm Natalie Crooks." I answered.

"Please, call me Kilala, or Lala for short." She said, then did the same as Heli and crouched down to pat the floor and my feet. I looked at Heli desperatly, with no idea what to do.

"Umm...Lala darling? Natalie is a newby - she doesn't know the customs yet." Heli told her.

"Oh, well then let me  be the one to tell you! I've got way too much time on my hands, and anyway, Heli has to get ready for the festival tonight." Lala looked into my eyes. I saw kindness in them and immediately liked her.

She took my arm and led me away, into the heart of the village. I looked back at Heli and waved.

The End

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