As my eyes adjusted to the brightness of the sun, I stumbled up, only to bash into a tree. I looked around and saw the most beautiful view ever; white mountains in the distance,with a forest at the bottom of them, bright green in contrast to the sparkling mountains. But, strangely, on the other side of me were the greenest hills in the world - or on Earth anyway. I didn't even know where I was, but I was too amazed to care at that moment. Below the round hills was a forest, but instead of being hunter green, it was a frosty white! It was like the opposite to the other side!

But that wasn't the only thing that fascinated me - everything, well, glimmered. Glimmered, sparkled, glittered; whatever you want to call it, that's what it was. Apart from the contrasts, the other thing here was two villages - one on either side of me. Again, they were totally different; one was full of colour and festivals, but the other one was almost discoloured and deserted.

Instinctively, I headed towards the village that was full of life, the long grass tickling my legs through my leggings. Suddenly, the land was cut off. It was a sudden cliff which I nearly fell off. Examining the ground more closely, I realised that it was brown and had odd lines on it, like vains. I put my hand out and touched it, and immediately knew it was wood. But wood? As the ground?

Soon, it dawned on me...I was standing on an impossible big tree stump! I laughed aloud thinking of how impossible this whole thing was, then realised that I still had to find a way down the stump. As if by magic, a stack of sledges appeared next to me! I picked one up and saw a rim down the side of the stump - my track.

Grinning, I jumped on to a sled and pushed myself down the rim. I sceamed, noticing that I must be going at about 30mph! I got to the bottom and fell off the sled, giggling. I stood up and put the sled to one side, then started to walk around.

"Oh, hello, there!Who are you?" A squeaky voice said. I looked down and saw a small creature that came up to my waist, it was like a cross between a beaver and a squirrel that walked on two legs and wore a suit and glasses!

It was then I knew this place was like no other...

The End

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