The beginning

I was Kara and I was an invisible. Now, I AM the invisble. No one cared about me. Sure, I mean, I had the regular family and group of close friends who cared…but not the kind of care I needed. I didn’t need physical or emotional, I needed someone I could count on. Someone who I knew would be there, that I could run to and just let it all out and not have to tell them, “but don’t tell anyone,”  because I knew that they wouldn’t. They wouldn’t care what I told them, whether it was from telling them I got an A on the last test or something dangerous I did, like jumping to my death.  Every day and every night, I wished that someone would come along the next day and tell me that. But no one did. No one ever did. Not until, it was too late.

I lived close enough to school that every morning and afternoon I would walk, by myself, to and from school. No one wanted to walk with me…then again…no one knew me. Well, they knew me…but they didn’t really KNOW me, as in…they knew me as they quiet girl who sat in the back of the room, wore the jeans and sweatshirt every day, and never talked to anyone. I obviously didn’t have any real friends, because no one bothered to actually talk to me and ask me how my day was and carry on a real conversation. The only time people talked to me was to insult me then have their posies and anyone else who happened to hear laugh at me as I continued my walk to where ever I was going.

The End

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