The Start of an AdventureMature

"Trolls can be defined by three distinct characteristics.  

Laziness, although one might not think this, as most carry around a very large bat, usually made from an uprooted willow tree, but they are notoriously against doing anything except eating, sleeping and fighting. 

Secondly, stupidity. Never smart in battle. Never smart in the hunt. They can be outwitted by human children, although it is important to note, if the child takes a wrong step, it will be crushed. 

Finally, would be their need for a leader. Someone to give them a purpose. They do not realize that of course, there stupidity hinders them on that front." 

The second elf in the room looked perplexed. He shared certain facial features with the speaker. The mouth, the eyes, the high cheeks. But he furrowed his eyebrows as he tried to determine why the Lord was using a troll. "Then why, my Lord, choose a troll to carry your message to the Halfling?" 

Sigurd Villentious chuckled at the younger Elf. "Durability, my boy." 


"A troll..." Racieus brought his hands together, somewhat gleefully. "So many possible ways to put it down." 

It was clear the Halfing was delighted by this oppourtunity. "I could gauge its eyes out. I could clear its head from its body. Could go the old fashioned way of stabbing through the heart...."

 "Silence." The half human commanded. "Trolls are never still that long." Keigo hunkered down. Examining it. 

Racieus realized he was right. The creature had spotted them. Any other troll would have attempted to kill them by now. The Halfling chuckled to himself. "But it wouldn't have succeeded!" 

Keigo looked at him. "What?" 

The Halfling had forgotten he was in company. "Nothing. What of the troll?"  

The creatures skin was grey as storm clouds. The head as bald as the ocean is wet. The hands scarred from battle, the chest showed no fresh wounds. The pot belly, although larger than a typical one found in a human inn, looked normal. 

Racieus clapped. "The eyes Keigo." 

Troll eyes, typically blue, weren't with this troll. Golden shimmers rippled through the creatures eyes. Flashes of lightning, that, on any other creature, could have been an attractive feature. 

Keigo and Racieus were confused for a moment. "Normal troll eyes are..." 

"Blue, little one. "

It was the troll that had spoken. The voice was deep and thunderous, but it had dragged the words, as if it struggled to say it. 

"I apologize that I must use this creature to speak with you, Halfling. But circumstances required something formidable.

The Haflings mind was rattled. Who could possible command a troll? Who would possibly need to use a troll?...

The words were weak when spoken. "Lord Villentious?" 

"The one and only. There is no time for conversation, you both must move north. There is a tavern, named after the land. I will meet you there in 5 days time." 

Before either Keigo or Racieus could speak again, the troll turned and began to walk away, vanishing into the tree's with heavy steps. 

Keigo pondered aloud. "Should I follow it." Following a troll was the easy part. They were poor trackers, and even poorer at noticing they were being tracked. Trolls were easy targets, just hard to put down. But, this troll could lead them to a nest. And nests meant young trolls, and they were trainable. Guard trolls were quite the commodity amoung upper classes of men.  

"Are you mad man?" Racieus cut across Keigo's train of thought. "We were just summoned by an Elven Lord to meet at some rundown, human inn." 

"Your point Halfling?" 

"This is the start of an adventure, my half Elven friend."


The Teranore Tavern was an inn built on the side of a crossroad. Large enough to home many travelers, many drunkards, and many whores. It had a reputation of being rough and rowdy. 

Keigo and Racieus had arrived a day early. "An Elven Lord wants to meet here?" Keigo was right to question the location. He was only half Elvish, but he knew that the species kept up appearances as elegant, intelligent and clean. The Tavern was the opposite of what an Elven inn would look like. 

Constructed from a mixture of woods, any that the builder could lay his hands upon, and standing four stories tall, although it appeared as if it would collapse  at the kindest of winds.

"There will be whisperers here, Halfling. Best we keep a low profile when we enter."

"Aye Keigo. I agree. False names. I shall be Randal, son of Brotheyn."

Keigo looked bemused. "False identities is a tad extreme, Randal." 

The Halfling let a look of despair flash across his face. "Fine, we shan't have new identities. But ladies first." Racieus brought his hand up and gestured for Keigo to enter. 

Inside the tavern was loud. It was only mid-afternoon, and the sun still in the sky, but the Tavern was in full swing. The floor was soaked in beer, the air drenched in alcohol and the bar full of drunkards. 

"Holy hell." Kegio was taken aback. Such barbarity in a place where no battle was taking place. 

Two men were fighting in the corner, over who was to take the whore next. Another man was being beaten, by who appeared to be, the bartender. A pair of women were locked in a horrid tussle on the ground - In typical fashion, a group of men banded around to watch.

But from the center of the room came loud, obnoxious singing, from an Elf, on a table. 

"Ohhhhh the Elves, the Elves, the Elves... The superior race... The Elves, the Elves, the Elves... The superior race. Ohhhhhhh, why would I wish to be, anything but an Elf? 

We are the best. Forget the rest!"

The singing came to an abrupt halt as a chair was thrown at the singer, who dodged easily. "Hah! No chair can throw me off balance!" 

Keigo glared at the singer. "That's our Elf, isn't it?" 

Racieus sighed. 


The End

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