The Forgotten OneMature

"Fire is not what burns the most." The voice echoed across the mountains, cold as the ice and as mighty as the earth. Thunder trembled under it and lightning sought shelter from it's swift strike. 

"Betrayal burns strongest -  longest."

The heat scorched the air. "It burns me." Fire erupted from the peak of the mountain. A faint cry of mercy was swiftly obliterated. The moon was dim. Mercilessly watching. 

"You all cry. You all beg." 

Another flash of red fury soaked the skyline. The very rock of the mountain began to melt. 

"But the one thing you all have in common. The one constant between you all..." 

Rain began to fall from the clouds high above. The droplets evaporated before they could land on the mountain top. An odd drop, here or there, managed to land on the hoods of the men - But offered no relief from the heat they felt. 

"... You all die." 

No sooner were the words spoken than a streak of green light sliced through the air, slamming into the speaking figure. The man was smashed into the mountain, like a rock from a catapult, creating a small crater.

"We can no longer allow you to continue, Tenebris." The voice was one of calm and reason, but fear sounded deep within.

A dark chuckle reverberated in the ears of all the men. "You can do nothing to stop me Lychnus. You and all of your disciples will perish by my hand." 

Tenebris emerged from the crater, his long black robes covered in white dust. The sleeves ripped. He brought his hand to his head and brushed his dark hair back from his eyes. 

"They shall die quickly. But you, Lychnus, will die a slower death. A painful death." 

Lightning danced above. 

"I may die. But if I die ensuring your demise - Then it is a worthy death." Lychnus brought his hands together, a thunderous roar erupted from his palms before the green lightning electrified the air - It struck Tenebris in the chest with indomitable power.

A cloud of ash fell around Tenebris, he was lost, momentarily, in nature. The fires red envy tore through the clouds, heading straight for Lychnus. 

The grand wizards reactions were swift, the green light roared mightily as it detonated from his hands - Racing to meet the fire. 

The meeting of the magic flared up in a spectacle of green and red. Fireworks were less beautiful. 

Lychnus was drained, his eyes lacked life. It took a lot of his power to repel Tenebris' attack. 

The dark wizard, on the other hand, looked as fresh as first winters snow. 

"You are tired, Lychnus." He chuckled as he seen the fear on the other magicians faces. "Let me relieve you of life." 

The grand magician coughed up blood. "You are a fool Tenebris!" He coughed again, more blood fell on the stone. "I did not come alone."

A brief look of panic flashed on the face of the dark sorcerer. "No matter what you brought, it will never be enough."

"You are wrong."

The thunder fell silent. Anticipation and curiosity appeared to cast a shadow on nature. Behind Lychnus, on the edge of the mountain, a single man stood tall. Then two men. Then three. 

The numbers doubled. Trebled. Until a band of bodies formed the horizon. 

Lychnus fought with his body to stand. "It is over." 

Tenebris looked with awe, the words of Lychnus not even registering. 

"All monster must be put down." 

The horizon exploded with light. Reds, yellows and blues. The light arched upwards casting a shadow of light on the night sky. 

"But all evil must be erased." 

The magic crashed down with the loudest bang. An extermination of darkness. 

As the light faded, and dust fell, the horizon cheered warily. Lychnus looked relieved - It was done. 

Then the chuckling filled the air. It was evil, spine chilling, and merciless. 

The cheering stopped as the chuckling grew louder and louder. The men on the horizon looked at each other, worried glances and confusion painted the picture of defeat. 

"You have all failed!" Tenebris' voice burned the ears of all that listened. Fire scorched from the dust. Volcanoes erupted with less power. It was undeniable, unstoppable. It tore through the men on the horizon - Instant ash. 

Lychnus tried to fight back, his green lightning weaved through the air towards Tenebris, but the dark magician grew in power. His anger shielded him, his magic yielded no mercy. 

Lychnus was the epitome of loss. His advisers, friends and underlings dying around him. His choice was made by defeat.

He ripped the amulet from his neck. "Forgive me, Fathers of Magic." 

The amulet, sealed with hope and opened only by fear, was tossed high into the air by Lychnus. 

Tenebris continued to erase the Mage's Guild, member by member. 

Lychnus cried out into the night. "Finite dolorem!" 

Bombs erupted with less might, the night turned to day.

Before it all went black. 

The End

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