The Forgotten Girl

The memory slowly faded away. The forgotten girl was back in her reality. Instantaneously, she was flooded with anger, hate and fear. Her shields had fallen and everything that was sealed away rushed through her. The exquisite pain engulfed her. She was burning alive from the inside. The pain was too much. The fear blinded her. She knew there was only one way to make it stop. She had to decide.

The forgotten girl was teetering on a precipice. She was somewhere in the space between sleep and awake. Her life spread out before her. This was it. Did she truly believe there was no hope for her? For humanity? If so she needed to accept her reality, lock away her emotions for good and walk to the cab of the semi. She would be safe in the knowledge that this was her role to play. She would be safe in the knowledge that life wasn’t fair or unfair, good or evil it just was. She would be safe in the knowledge that escape was impossible.

Or was she willing to face the uncertainty? Could she choose the impossible path? 

With a deep breath she closed her eyes. The cool wet air tickled her cheeks. Her face was impassive and her body was completely still. She could have been just a carving in the cement.

She listened intently to her heartbeat as she tried to decide. Was humanity doomed?

She listened to one last heartbeat. It quietly whispered who are you? And then it exploded like an atomic bomb and stripped everything away. And she knew she never really had a choice. 

The End

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