The Forgotten Girl

The forgotten girl was lost at sea and drowning fast. She had no idea how to make the feelings stop. Out of undiluted frustration she slammed her tiny little fists into the cement wall behind her. Pain shot up her arm and shook her bones. It  swallowed her. There wasn’t room for anything else. So she did it again. And again. And again. The exquisite pain was her life line.

            After several minutes the numbness started to take over. It was over. She let her shaking hands fall limply to her sides. They swayed softly against the outside of her thighs. There was a pulsing heat in her hands so she reached back and gently placed them on the cold wall behind her. The wall felt comforting. It was bumpy and rough. The sensation made her tingle with awareness. She knew that texture. It was a texture that belonged to her other life. Tiny little fingers of memory pulled at the crack. The edges of her vision darkened. She felt herself slipping fast. Within seconds her vision went completely black.

            The darkness began to fade and the forgotten girl was standing on a long white board that was covered in sand paper. There was a blinding light that made her eyes hurt. She was too frightened to look anywhere but at the feet on the board. They were much smaller than her regular feet. She stared down at the tiny little toes and watched as they inch wormed across the bumpy and rough surface. She wondered how they could be so clean. When they came to the end the toes curled over the edge. Her stomach dropped when she realized something was down there. She tried to back away but she couldn’t get the feet to move. She was terrified to look over the edge but there was an invisible force that pulled her forward.

Oh so slowly, she peered over the edge and gasped. All she could see was a brush stroke of glittering blue beneath her. She had never seen something so mysterious. It was haunting. Captivated she looked closer and her tiny little tummy flip flopped. Chills raced up her arms. Her breathing quickened. Staring back at her was a face nightmares are made of. It was the face of the girl before she became forgotten. The girl looked so vulnerable and scared. She wanted to vomit on her.

An electric buzz began to climb up her legs. It tickled the backs of her knees. She felt a weightless giggle bubble up out of her mouth. For a second, she could see it floating in the air. She knew what was going to happen next. The blue seemed so far down. It was too far down. It was impossible. She couldn’t do it. Wouldn’t do it. But the excitement and fear intoxicated her. The corners of her mouth turned up. Without taking another second to think the tiny little girl bent her legs, pressed her feet into the bumpy and rough texture and leaped. 

The End

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