The Forgotten Girl

Its about the nature of hope. Is it something that is as beneficial as we are made to believe? Or is it something far more sinister and destructive?
Its about a girl trying to decide if she can escape her socially constructed fate. And if so, should she?
Its about a girl or girls who are in the deepest darkest parts of humanity and how they learn to deal.
Its a lot of things. Mostly its for the reader to decide what is going on. I hope you like it!

The Forgotten Girl

The forgotten girl watched the child with a haunted look on her face. It sat in the grass beside her and waved its tiny little arms without a care in the world. The sickly sweet smell of innocence flowed off it permeating the air. It turned her stomach. A ladybug landed softly on its nose and a weightless giggle bubbled out of its mouth. For a second, she could see it floating in the air and her hand twitched with the need to capture it.

She blinked and it was gone. But she knew the damage was already done. It had planted an unwanted and foreign emotion inside of her. There was a slight tightening of her eyes as she tried to decipher what the feeling was. The girl could feel it twisting around her insides as if it was trying to change her body chemistry. She knew part of what she was feeling was surprise because it had been so long since she had felt any emotion at all.

She struggled to relax and let the feeling drift away but it just pulled her down even deeper. There was something about it that tugged at her consciousness. It felt like an insatiable itch in the pit of her stomach. She could feel its fingers desperately tugging at her memory. The girl knew she had felt it before. It was an emotion that belonged to her old life. The life that belonged to the girl before she was forgotten.

She thought she knew the name but it was from so long ago that she couldn’t wrap her mind around the sound. When she tried to grab the word, it darted away and burrowed deeper into her core. She thought she was going to throw up.

The girl was so focused internally that she felt her heartbeat thunder through her body. Tiny little bumps blanketed her skin from the chill. Suddenly with a soft gasp it clicked. The girl from the other life had known this emotion intimately. Life had slowly stripped it away from her. The emotion was hope. 

The End

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