It was too late. Before Nymm could say anything else, arrows shot out from the trees. Ceris flung herself to the ground, just as an arrow whistled past her head. It stuck into the tree behind her, waking it. Its branches writhed in pain. Leaves flew in all directions.

The workmen were already running towards her. Ceris bent to pick up her quiver which had fallen from her back. Nymm hurried over, waving a sword haphazardly round his head.

The workmen yelled as they approached. Nymm whistled, and the tree suddenly leapt into action. Seemingly forgetting the pain it was in, it swung leafy branches at the workmen, knocking down some and missing others. Roots sprung out of the ground, and one of the foremen tripped and fell, knocking himself out.

Two workmen fought their way past the onslaught of flying foliage. They grabbed Ceris.

'Get off her, you psychos! She's done nothing wrong!' Nymm lashed out with his sword, barely nicking the arm of one of the men. They returned with a powerful punch and kick, and he doubled up.

He grasped his throbbing leg, watching helplessly as they hauled his friend into the back of their horrible van. They gagged her and slung her in restraints. He couldn't drag himself fast enough to stop them driving away.


The End

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