A tragedy based on the Japanese invasion of Manchuria during the 1940s and later. Centered in the life of the youngest daughter of an important family of the last Chinese imperial dynasty; Qing Dynasty. Her father was the supreme leader of the military, naval and aerial forces. After several months of being on military duty and never returning, his two daughters might be in danger.

August 25, 1948

Beloved mother,

As you inquired me to do, I am writing to tell you that we have arrived safely to Taiwan through the exporting ships. But most importantly, we escaped from the communists…and until now we are still lacking of food, I have never been so hungry in my entire life. Please tell me that you will come to us as soon as you receive this letter, yet, I am certain that you won't be able to read it. However, if you do read this letter by some unknown means, can you bring me my favourite chocolates - the ones that you always used to hide underneath my silky clothes? Another question, did you receive my past letters? You haven't written back to me since the day that we were forcefully taken away by some behemoth military soldiers.

Big sister is helping me to write this note, as I haven't learned to write an adequate amount of words to express myself in the same way as I do verbally. I have been given the chance to begin primary school as I have never been to school, but yet again I chose to skip it. You might be very annoyed at me for being so persistent, but I thought that it would be better if big sister teaches me the basics and maybe later I can go to secondary school. Big sister told me that you will never come to Taiwan to stay with us. She said that you preferred to stay with your fortune in Manchuria and die with it. But I don't think so; I know that you will come to us because you love us. If you come to Taiwan, will you bring your fortune too? Here we are so poor that we have to make deals with the fishermen to have a once-in-a-time tolerable dinner. Fortunately, we met a man who helps us as a resourceful provider. Big sister thinks she better marries him if we want to survive in Taiwan. I think he owns a small shack just besides the fishing dock in which he sells his fish with some casual fruits and vegetables that he could find on a small garden behind a photography shop.

Mother, I have never seen such atrocities. Boneless people lying around, some bodies were stacked on top of each other creating a blood-bathed flesh hill. Cockroaches and rats feeding themselves with malnourished human skin and rotten eyes. Everywhere, we could see naked people in starving conditions; rib cages extruding pale chests, bones stuck tight beneath thin skin, sometimes to a level in which the pressed and squeezed bones will cause bruises to the delicate skin. In these surroundings, I can effortlessly miss everything; the silver-gold platters used to carry lovely porcelain tea sets encasing our preferred oolong tea with my favourite moon cakes filled with red bean paste and egg yolks, my lovely silk dresses with lotus-shaped buttons and lovely braids covering the chest, the solid-stone brick fish pond that we owned at the back garden, the pink magnolia trees…But even more significantly, I miss you.

I believe that you are waiting for the right moment to come to Taiwan. We have planned it before, do you remember it? I will just pretend that you do recall. I'll be waiting for your arrival.

Your precious little daughter,

Fu Zun-Rei

The End

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