The early morning sun was periodically bursting through the broken cloud cover, tinging the world with shades of gold and pink as I drove towards a place I should have been able to, but couldn't, call home. The beauty and joy the world was displaying this morning, however, did not reflect my present mood or expectations. I barely noticed any of the wonderful spring world around me.

The time passed faster than I expected and soon I was turning in through the stone fence and black steel gate to my father's Italian style house. Susan was there to welcome me. She had a family of her own, but was willing to get up and be there so early in the morning. She is a really sweet, caring woman I thought to myself as I carried my bags to my room. I wonder if my mother would do things like that I thought, and I certainly imagined so. I missed having a mother. I had loved to hear stories from my grandparents about her. All I remembered of her was seeing her lying in bed, but the stories made her real to me; a person who loved me very much. Susan smiled to me when I came back to the kitchen. “I brought over some muffins I made this morning, and I know there are some eggs in the fridge that need fried soon.” This woman is amazing! I thought as I went to get the eggs started. “So, what is the plan for today?”

“Well, once you are settled, I guess not much. Eventually you will need to go shopping for food, and this place could use a little dusting.” 

Yeah, right. I thought. This place is ten times cleaner than the apartment.

“There is a clothes washer and dryer downstairs if you have some clothes to do. Maybe you'll want to explore the farm, or perhaps drive back into town to see your father?”

“Actually, he's going for some medical tests today, so I wouldn't be able to visit him anyhow. I'll be sure to go in and see him tomorrow. Exploring sounds like a pretty good idea though. What about the fields though, are they already planted?”

“Some are. We're not planning on doing any more planting until mid-May though, once the chance of frost is gone.”

“I see. And what are you doing these days?”

“Now that the taxes are done and since there is no income coming in, I'm mostly just making sure all the bills get paid.”

“Ok, so I won't see you around too much this week then. Thanks for coming over and getting me settled in. I'll let you know when Dad's coming home.”

There it was. It had slipped out of my mouth unconsciously. I had called him “Dad” for the very first time. Maybe this acccident would have a good side to it after all.

The End

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