The Forest

Two figures, both garbed in green tunics, pale brown leather leggings, brown leather boots and green cloaks stood in the shadows as work men  cut away a part of the forest they knew and loved and replaced it with a cool, stone section of civilisation. The forest would be even more overrun with travellers walking or riding along this road, camping along its edge, perhaps even spotting hints of the secret society that lived in the shadows.One of the figures darted forward, her hood falling back to reveal a pretty, pale face with hazel eyes and a head of long black hair, falling in waves to the small of her back.

 'Ceris!' The other figure called softly. 'Ceris come back! It isn't safe!'  Underneath  his hood he had large, worried blue  eyes and short blond hair cut into a fringe that fell across his eyes. The girl he had called Ceris moved her cloak back with one hand, revealing a  brown belt to which many pouches were fixed, along with a pale green sheath. Protruding from the sheath was the wire-wrapped  ivory hilt of a dagger. across her back was a quiver, containing 30 arrows and a well-made bow, along with a low slung draw string pack with a bedding  roll tied to the bottom.

'Oh i'm more than safe Nymm, more than safe.' She said as she darted into the road.

'CERIS!!' Nymm shouted.

The End

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