The Little Girl

Viden asked her mum and of corse she said she could. And as Viden had planned she went straight to Aidan's house.

"You want me to help you find the cloaked one?" he asks a bit unsure. Viden nodded and Aidan went and asked his mum if he could go out. They looked and searched.

"It's hopeless" Aidan gasped sitting down on the bench. Viden sat next to him. "We can't give up" Viden said "We will find him"

They went to the forest and their he was. "Don't make this harder" the cloaked one whispered. It is then that Aidan and Viden notice the young girl in front of him. She had long brown hair and deep green eyes. She only looks about 7 years old.

"Go away" she screams. Viden looks at Aidan. "We have to help her" she hisses. Aidan shakes his head.

"How? Look at him" Aidan says indicating the cloaked one.

"But he's going to kill her" Viden hisses. She then moves out from where they were hiding. "Hey" she shouts. The cloaked one turns to face her. "Leave her alone" Viden demmands. The cloaked one laughs the runs at Viden.

She turns and runs with all her might. "Run, Viden, run" she hears Aidan scream. But it doesn't help the cloaked one is fast and Viden can't run forever.

The End

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