The Dark Uprising

The Cloaked One only wanted to draw him to The Cloaked One.

This boy. This boy with this... Foresight. The Cloaked One wanted to know more. The Cloaked One was intrigued.

The Cloaked One had followed the stranger, as The Cloaked One had been told to, and now, the stranger was dead.

It had happened with many others. Many others who had been targeted by the unknown system that ruled The Cloaked One.

The Cloaked One had based The Cloaked One's life on the fact that this system... This all had to mean something. The Cloaked One was carrying out the duty that had been entrusted to The Cloaked One, and as The Cloaked One watched the boy, The Cloaked One wished that he could understand what he needed to be a part of.

This gift, this sight... It was to be used in the proper manner. As far as The Cloaked One was aware, the gift remained wasted on a child such as him.

The necessary lessons would be taught, in ways that The Cloaked One knew that they would be remembered.

The previous lesson had been unsuccessful. The Cloaked One was ready to step up to the plate.

The End

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