What would you do if you could see the future,
And the spirits are mad are after you for something bigger than your power...your life?


Silver snowflakes swarmed at John and the moonlit rays beamed down on him, glistening in every corner of his eye, like the starry night sky. He trudged through the snow more, and every time he ambled a step forward, his leg went down further even more compressing the ice.
  The gravestones he passed were smeared in Raven's, cawing down on him, feasting upon the souls of the dead, he looked a few in the blood-shot eyes of the vermin, sighed and walked on...
  An owl hooting its everlasting melody cooed in the sky as the flapping of wings shot down on him, talons scratching his arm.
  John's ears perked up, a mystical force was approaching him, he whispered to himself two words "They've Arrived"
  Before he fell on his knees, planted his head in the snow and left his body exposed to the snow...and more...  

The End

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