The Forbidden TruthMature

Twelve years after Alice (who is now known as Diane) learned that her father was a sick-minded creep; she is married and is raising her now 16 year old children, Anna and Keith Jr. Just when her life seems to be turning for the better, Keith, her former lover, shows up on her front step, bloody and bruised. Her life soon spirals downwards as she relive

Chapter One

The Beginning

“You what,” Diane says without taking her eyes off of the paper in front of her.

Sitting down, he answers, “I said that I’ve been accepted at the Bellệroll College.”

“Keith! This is marvelous news. Congratulations Keith, you truly deserve it.”

“Thanks, mom, I am going to go study and do my assignments, okay?”

“Go right on a head Keith.”

The house Diane now lived in was large, but the rooms were quite tiny. With a large glass window in the living room the sunshine blazed through it, lighting up the large room that Diane was sitting in. Diane had insisted to her husband that the living room be remotely similar to her grandparent’s living room. But why, he had asked. The truth was Diane missed her old house. Being forced to leave the house where she had grown up in was one of the hardest choices she had ever had to make.

“If it wasn’t for Keith and my twisted father, I would have never had to leave the house and move across the country.” Thoughts of 17 years ago flashed through Diane’s mind, how she missed her old life, although she knew, she could never return to her old life.

Grant Town would no doubt, be different by now. She had not set foot in the town since she was 18, the night of… “Stop Diane,” she breathed out. Diane stood and stretched, her dress fell below her knees, but it was rumpled from sitting for so long. “Shit,” she cursed, and bent to smooth her dress.

It was nearly 5 P.M. Troy would be home soon. Dinner was already cooking in the oven, Diane decided to cook a whole chicken, mashed potatoes, and vegetables – Troy’s favorite.

“Mom, Moooooooom” Anna came dashing out of her room, “Mom, mom, mom!”

“What, what, what Anna,” Diane breathed, “I’m a tad busy.”

“Busy with standing there?” Anna’s eyebrow went up in curiosity, “can I ask you something?”

A smile broke out on Diane’s face, “sure sweetie, what’s up?”

“Well, okay you know that guy I like at school?”

“Sure, what’s his name…? Orlando?”

“Yeah, that’s his name. Anyway, he asked me out on a date!” Anna broke out into a low, soft giggle, “I didn’t think he would.”

“Well,” keeping as calm as she could, Diane continued, “What’s the question?”

“Can I go out tonight with him? Please, oh please mom?”

“On a school night,” Diane shook her head in disappointment, “you know I never let you or your brother go out on school nights, regardless of the ‘celebration’ going on.”

“Awe… please mom? Just this once… and I’ll never ask again. I really like this guy mom, like you have no idea mom, like I sooo want to go out on a date with him.”

“Anna,” she’d warned, “just this once. You hear me? And I want you back by 11:00 P.M. no later. If you are late, that will be the last time you go out for a very, very long time with him.”

“Thank you, thank you, oh my god, thank you mom! This means so much to me! I’m going to go call him now!”

Diane couldn’t help but laugh, “children these days.” Oh she knew what it was like to like a man, and be extremely attracted to him. Not knowing how to control your emotions or how to show them correctly. Keith Gordon what a man he was. Or who she thought he was. Not thinking about someone for nearly 17 years sure makes it strange to suddenly think about them out of the blue. What did he look like now? Was he thin and muscular? Over weight and out of shape – no that was not the Keith she knew… but… she hadn’t known Keith like she had thought.

Keith Jr. was an exact same mirror of his father, with the broad shoulders, muscular build, and the same soft facial features. Keith Jr.’s eyes were Diane’s though; he had the exact same soft and calm attitude that Keith had. If only things could have turned out like Diane wanted; she had wanted to marry Keith and be his until the end, but that plan was never part of Keith’s plan, ever. It had taken Diane nearly ten years to accept that fact.

The sound of the front door opening made Diane smile, Troy was home at last.

“Hi honey!” He had called from the front of the house.

“Hey baby,” smiling as best as she could manage, Diane added, “how was your trip?”

“Great, actually – ah let’s not talk about the trip yet, I just got home” the humor in his voice was a surprisingly good sound to hear at this point.

“Dinners almost done,” as Diane was taking the chicken out of the oven, the phone had started to ring, “shit,” she’d cursed once more, “can you answer that dear?”

“Sure I can,” Troy walked over to the T.V. stand and picked the phone up, “hello?”

The living room had gone completely quiet, making Diane feel nervous and a bit odd, who was Troy talking to?

“No,” there was a loud thud above Diane, but she had ignored it and focused on what Troy was saying to the person on the phone that he was speaking to, “I told you, I do not know a Alice. No, there is no Alice Greenbay you have the wrong number.”

Diane’s heart stopped at the sound of her old name, Alice Greenbay, who on earth remembered her former name? Her breathing slowed and lightened, who is he talking to, someone for me?

Troy came rounding into the kitchen; his face was pale and blank. “Who was that, dear?” Diane asked in curiosity.

“Some nut case,” his voice was no longer cheerful and full of humor. His voice was now filled with fear and anger.

She eyed him from under her eye lashes, “what did he or she want?”

A groan of anger escaped Troy’s throat before he had spoke, “he was looking for some Alice Greenbay, saying she has his children and he has the rights to see those children.”

He said what?” Diane could barely believe it, how the fuck had Keith found out who exactly she was now, and how exactly did he know he had two children and not just one?

 “I don’t know he got the wrong number obviously, since there is no Alice Greenbay here. Hey… what’s the matter sweetheart?”

“Oh, nothing,” forcing a smile, Diane turned away from Troy and resumed her cooking, “it’s just strange that’s all.”

Troy laughed, “Indeed, it is. Now, what were we doing before that call?”

Diane was about to turn to face Troy when she felt his hands on her hips, gently caressing them, “silly” she teased, “I’m cooking.”

“I know,” he moved his mouth to her ear, “I missed you.”

“Mom, Dad?”

At the sound of Keith’s voice, Troy swirled around to face him, “Son, hey.”

“Hey to you too, Dad, welcome home by the way.”

Diane’s heart was still pounding, Keith knows who I am, he knows he has two children… he knows my number… that means… he has to know where I live too.

The End

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