Chapter TwoMature


Chapter Two

I had invited him in, I needed to talk to him, needed questions answered. He followed me into the living room, not once though, never did he talk about what had happened.

"Damn," he laughed slightly, "this place looks like it did exactly 2 years ago."

"Yeah," I smiled at him, "you know my dad, he's always been like this."

"Mhm, will we be expecting him soon?"

"No, he's at work, and will be until about 11 tonight."

"Why so late?"

"I rarely, if ever, see my dad now. After... well, after he told you to leave me alone 2 years ago, I started to hate him," I took a silent breath, then added, "he couldn't be around me anymore because I was depressed. He started working long, tiresome work hours at the office, he's only home for about 5 hours a day, then he's back to 19 hour work days."

"Holy shit, 19 hours?"

"Yup. Orange juice?"

"Apple, please."

"Sure." I poured him a glass of apple juice, then asked, "so, where'd you go for the past 2 years?"

Peering up from his glass, he answered softly, "my grandparents."

"In Norway?"


"Whoa, why? Couldn't you have stayed with I don't know, your uncle or aunt?"

"Nah, I didn't want to."

"Oh," I looked down at my glass of orange juice, "why'd you come back?"

"I don't know, I thought you wouldn't still be here."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I didn't mean it rudely towards you, it was meant towards your dad."

"Did my dad scare you that badly?"

"Yes, and he always will. Your dad is very scary."

"Haha, he can be."

"Where's your mom?"

I quickly shifted my eyes to the window, my eyes stung, I knew I was close to crying, the truth is, my mother passed away a year ago in a car accident. It was winter, in the middle of December, it had been snowing heavily, the roads were icy and slippery. She had been driving home down the highway, she went to turn left onto the interstate that came to our city, as she turned the tires of the car skidded on some thick ice, the car ended up swirving right and the car rolled over into the ditch. Her neck was broken, and she died immediately.

"She died," I wiped my eyes with my sleeve, "in a car accident."

"Oh my god, when?"

"Last year, it'll be a year in December."

"Damn, I'm so sorry to hear."

"Yeah, thanks."

"Do you miss her?"

"Do I miss her? Oh yeah, I miss her tons. I wish she were still here, it'd be nice to have someone to talk to. I can't talk to anyone that I hang out with."

"Why not?"

I laughed almost too cheerfully, "their all stuck up cunts. All they think about is guys, sex, fashion, makeup, drinking... parties. Fucking useless shit."

Jeroen grinned, "you never used to swear."

I stood up and stuck my tongue out at him, squinting my eyes, "I was innocent then."

"Sure you were," and then he had returned the stick-out-your-tongue. "I meant to write back to you."

"What?" I coughed, "sorry, you caught me off guard."

"I meant to write back to you after I received your letter in the mail," now he was being serious, his hands were laid softly on the kitchen table, his face was soft, and content, "I didn't mean for it to get so bad. I wanted to keep contact with you."

"Why didn't you write back?" I sat back down in my chair and then added, "I waited for nearly a year. Then my mom died, and I eventually gave up on waiting."

"I was scared."

"Scared? Why?"

"Scared of your dad. Alysha he threatened to kill me."

"Threatened to kill you? I'm sure he didn't mean it."

"He sounded like he did. Why does your dad hate me so much?"

"He didn't tell you?"

"No, just told me to leave you the fuck alone."

"He thinks your scum, and that you were dragging me down. When it was the total opposite."

"Can't believe it's been nearly 2 years already though, damn, seems like only yesterday that we were 15 and innocent."

"Innocent?" He stared at me hinting at something, "oh, I see what you mean. Actually, I still am a virgin."

"You are?"

"Yup. I mean, I've dated guys, but never wanted to sleep with any of them. I wasn't that into them. God, every girl I hang out with is such a slut, it isn't even funny. The most of them, except for the odd few, have slept with over 15 guys. It's disgusting really, but who am I to say they shouldn't do it?"

"True enough."

"How about you?"

"What about me?"

"Have you dated since we broke up?"

"What's it to you?"

I laughed, "c'mon Jeroen, I just gave you my info, time to put in your bit."

He laughed, "I was only kidding. Yeah, I have dated, and before you ask, yeah, yeah, I'm no virgin."

"I knew that."


"Trust me, I knew."

"And you still asked?"


The room fell silent, a bird flew by the kitchen window and started to chirp. Boo, my German Shepard, came downstairs from my room and sat silently beside me. He eyed Jeroen up and down, sniffing the air, suddenly his ears perked up and he wagged his tail back and forth quickly, and swiftly. He barked and started to jump around.

"Boo! You still have him?"

"Of course, why wouldn't I? He is my dog. I'm surprised he still remembers you."

"So am I, haha. Hi boy," the tone in Jeroen's voice was soft, and playful, "and how are you?"

Boo responded by barking.

"That's good to hear!"

I quickly stood up and walked into the living room. For some odd reason, my mother's picture was laying face down on the coffee table, I quickly walked over to the coffee table, and set the picture up right. Jeroen quietly walked up behind me and placed his hands on my hips. I jumped slightly, "jesus Jeroen, you scared the hell out of me."

He never answered me, he simply turned me around to face him, I had to tilt my head upwards to meet his gaze, his dark green eyes met mine, he held my gaze for a few moments then said, "god, you are beautiful now."

I pulled away from him and said, "let's not Jeroen."

"Let's not, what? What do you think I was going to do?"

"I don't want us to get involved intimately again," I bit my tongue, and sucked in a deep breath of air, "I mean, I don't want us to-"

Jeroen interuptted me, "I know what you mean. But, why not? Is there someone else?"

"No there is no one else," I hugged myself with my arms, I was suddenly cold, "it's just, my dad..."

"Why are you always trying to please your dad? I mean, if you want to be happy... you can't live by the rules of Dave Mariane."

"I know Jeroen, but I'm scared."

"About what?"

"About..." I broke off my sentence when I heard the bushes outside the living room window rattle, "what the fuck?"

"I heard that, too."

"Stay here Jeroen. I know who it is."

Furiously, I walked over to the living room window and cracked it open, "what the fuck are you doing here Alex!?"

"Oh c'mon Aly, you can't tell me your not the bit least happy to see me."

"Hardly. Now answer the question."

"I just wanted to see you, that's all. No harm in wanting to see you, right?"

"Right, but stalking me is."

"Christ Aly, I ain't stalking you. Who's that guy sitting on the couch, by the way?"

"Oh, you know him. Actually as a matter of fact, you two were once best friends," I laughed, "but he moved 2 years ago."

"Haha, wait - Jeroen?"

"Yeah," I turned my head and waved Jeroen over.

Jeroen and Alex eyed each other down, as if they were murders with grudges against each other. The tension was so strong, that I had to back up from the two, finally after nearly 5 minutes of silence, Jeroen broke the silence, "what the hell man? Are you seriously that obsessed with Alysha?"

"Obsessed? Who's the one in her house?"

"We're just friends, Alex," Jeroen's tone was low, almost threatening.

Alex laughed, "just friends? How good of friends are you with her?"

"Fuck you Alex," I was meaning to bite my tongue, but I couldn't help it, "what the fuck is your problem with me? I mean, I've never done anything wrong to you. Are you seriously that into me, that you have to stalk me?"

"I think you best be going Alex," Jeroen added, "god man, get a life seriously."

"Oh screw you Jeroen, catchya at school babe."

Long after Alex had left, I was left standing at the window, shocked, and scared. "What a fucking creep," I finally managed to blurt out.

"He wasn't always like this."

"I know he wasn't," I sighed, "high school does weird things to people."

"Mhm, changes them without them realizing it."


"Oh shit, I've got to go Aly, I'm supposed to be at my dad's in an hour."

"No big deal, go ahead, and hey?"


"Thanks," I smiled at him.

"For what?"

"For walking me home," fighting the urge to hug him, I turned away from him and added, "it's nice to know your back."

"You sound disappointed..."

"Oh," I closed my eyes, and imagined the summer Jeroen and I first started to date, "I'm not. Here, I'll walk you to the door."

"That's not nessesary, I know where the door is." He laughed, "but I would like it."

Laughing, I managed to say in a British accent, "a good hostess should know that walking your guest to the door after they've shared their company with you, is good manners."

"Haha, that was pretty good."

I walked him to the door and we said goodbye. I watched him walk down the street as I had hundreds of times years before, what a day.

The End

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