Chapter OneMature

The Forbidden Lines

Chapter One

"Dear Jeroen,

I'm writing this from the bottom of my heart, I only wish for you to know that I'm sorry... I never had meant for all this to happen. My father wasn't supposed to get involved with you and I, but he did... and for that, I am terribly sorry. He had no rights to do so. I know what he said about, "you're only 15 Alysha! It's teenage love! He won't do you any good! Dump his ass and leave him the fuck out of your life! You have so much potential in life, you could go so far... but if you keep that... that scum around, he'll drag you down." I nearly cried when he was giving me that speech. I'm sorry for the tear droplets on the page... I'm crying while writing this. I only wish for you to know that love you, and wish the best for you.

Goodbye my love,

Yours truly,

Alysha Mariane."

That was the letter I had sent Jeroen almost 2 years ago, I never did get a letter back from him, but that's okay with me, it was sent out, and he knows that I still loved him. I know my father now regrets what he did, but he pretends he doesn't, he always says, "I made the right choice, Aly." He still calls me by my pet name, even though he KNOWS I hate him, not dislike, HATE.

I put my coat, heels, and tuke on, and head out the front door. Time for another day of school, sadly. All my friends are stuck-up snobs, but I grew up with them, and I act just like them when I am around them. You know, shunning the losers, putting them down, making fun of them... making them feel low. I feel awful for doing it, but I don't want to be kicked out of the popular group.

I finally get to school after walking for nearly an hour, and there stood a guy, he looked so familar, but I quickly walked past him, where have I seen him before? I don't know, I couldn't remember, or perhaps I chose not to remember that specific memory.

"Hey Alysha, hold up," John called from across the hall as he walked swiftly towards me, "can I ask ya a question?"

"Hey, John, and sure, what's up?"

"You wanna go with me to the dance this friday?"

"Ah, no thanks, c'mon you should know already, I don't attend those idiotic dances."

"Oh," John frowned, "I completely forgot. Haha, well thanks anyway. Catchya later."

"See you."

Quickly, I walked up to my locker, my mind must have went blank because I couldn't even remember my own locker combination. Ah, 24-51-14, that was it. I put in the combination, and opened my locker. Surprisingly, compared to everyone else's locker, my locker was neat, and well organized. I studied my schedule, "ewe" I say to myself, I have English 12 -31, and History 12 -24 this morning. I always skip out on my comp classes, I hate them, I've got plenty credits to graduate already.

Scrounging around my locker for a few minutes, socializing with a few people, and fixing my hair, I eventually had grabbed the text books and binders that I would need for the next 4 hours. When I had got to my English class, I had seated myself close to the window near the back of the room, I hated my English teacher, he was such a pedophile, I swear, the man had a secret crush on me, "fucking creepy" I murmured to myself.

Just as Mr. Gana had started to give us his daily lecture, the same guy I had seen standing near the front office walked into the classroom, I didn't even notice, but when all the girls had started to whisper to each other about his looks, I peered upwards at the door, he stood at about 6'2, broad shoulders, bright blond hair, from what I could see he also had lovely green eyes.

Mr. Gana had introduced him, when he had rehersed the new guy's last name, we all laughed, "Cour-Couanap?"

The guy choaked down a laugh and corrected him, "It's Corsorai, Jeroen."

I opened my eyes widely, and I must have not noticed but my mouth fell open. No, this wasn't possible, no, Jeroen wasn't actually here.

Jeroen approached me and stared at me cock-eyed, finally he asked, "mind if I sit with you?"

"Sh-sure," I had managed to stumble. "Christ," I whispered under my breath.

"Huh?" He asked as he seated himself down.

I had totally forgotten how good his hearing was, all I had managed to mumble was, "oh nothing. I-" I broke my sentence off, "nothing."

After class, I quickly picked my belongings up, and made a dash for the door without looking back at Jeroen. "Oh god, oh god, this isn't good, no, please god, don't let this be the same Jeroen I once loved," I kept whispering that as I had walked down the hallways towards my History class.

History went fine, Jeroen wasn't there, nor was Alex. Alex was the captain of the football team, and oh, he also had a major crush on me, and continually he kept trying to "score" with me, as if I was a touchdown in a football game. He usually smelt of sweat from working out or running 25 km each morning, or aftershave musk, or perhaps sometimes he smelt of girls perfumes - a huge sign that he played girls.

Lunch came around, and by the time I had managed to walk out of the front doors of the school, all my poises were already waiting for me.

"What took 'ya so long, Aly?" John toyed, "we must have waited an eternity for you."

"Sorry," I say, "I had to talk to Mrs. Jane."

"Oh, okay. Well, we were about to head over to the fast food joint, you in?"

"No thanks. I'm not feeling too good. I think I'm going to head home, and get some rest."

"Haha, sure thing. Catchya Aly."

I waved goodbye to them, and slumped over. "Fuck it's cold," I meant to say that to just myself, but obviously Jeroen had heard me.

"Sure is."

Shocked, I spun on my heels to face him, "when'd you get here?"

Jeroen laughed and answered jokingly, "I was here the whole time. Do you do that often?"

"Do what often?"

"Talk to yourself, do you talk to yourself often?"

I started to say "yeah" but I quickly corrected myself, "No, not really..."

"Total denial," he winked, "you heading home?"

I sighed, "yeah, why?"

"Mind if I walk you?"

"I suppose that'll be fine."

"Cool. You know, I never did get your name."

My throat constricted, and tightened, it felt as if my mouth had suddenly gone dry, but I managed, "Alysha."

"Ah, cool, nice to meet you, Alysha. You remind me of someone I once knew... well, someone I dated."



We walked towards my house, talking about simple things that friends tend to talk about. We reached my street, and Jeroen had suddenly stopped, "shit," I say in my head, "he's going to know now."

"This street looks so familar," then he added, "I don't know why. Weird."

"Very," what a stupid thing to say at a time like this.

"Oh well, I'll figure it out later," he added, "so, which house is yours? Shall we stop for food and water while we're looking?"

I coughed to hide the laugh that was bubbling it's way up my throat, "no, that won't be nessesary. My house is right there, number 20, apartment A."

He blinked almost in disbelief, "whoa..."

"What?" I ask, although I already know what he's thinking, the thing is, I've lived in the exact same house since I was 4 years old, I brought Jeroen to this house on numerous occasions.

"The Alysha I knew lived here... your not... who I think you are... are you?"

Quickly my face went pale, my finger tips turned into ice, my jaw tightened in fright, I whispered softly, "yes... I am."

I couldn't even look at him, my eyes were deverted from him, and looking across the park, at the now withered oak tree, the leaves were now orange and falling off of the branches, I studied the smallish boulder that lay under 4 meters from the trunk of the tree, right in the center was where Jeroen and I had first kissed, that was also where he told me he loved me.

The End

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