The Forbidden LinesMature

Alysha and Jeroen are deprived of each other for nearly 2 years, but by finding each other after 2 years, a series of uncalled upon events happen, leaving Alysha confused, and questioning.


"Choose Alysha! You come with me, or else..."

"Or else what!?" Furiously I added, "don't hurt him. Please!"

"Or else I will kill him."

He laid there quietly, eyes pleading for me to not give in, that he would be alright if I went with him... I couldn't! No, I couldn't, there was no way I could.

"Alysha! I'm giving you to the count of-"

"Okay..." I managed to cry out, "just let him go." Tears streamed down my face quickly, I made no effort to wipe them away, nor any effort to stop crying.


The End

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