The Forbidden Darkness

Loz is a normal girl, but she soon realises that she stole the heart of the evil Cal. Loz is then faced with a tough decision, and among other things, death, love, romance. Note: this story was wrote when i was only in year 7, for a school project, so it may be a little childish.

Chapter 1

It was a dark, eerie night as i walked through the forest that night, all i could hear was the deep, dark whispering of the cold night wind, it was saying ''Come to me, Come, I need you.'' I suddenly tripped over something, I picked it up thinking it was a branch. As i shined my torch on it, I saw it was something different, it wasn't a branch it was a blade.

I examined it closely, noticing the simple mark of wiccans, a Pentagram! I suddenly dropped it when i heard a familiar voice, I shouted out ''Whos there??'' No reply came...

I turned around , there i saw him, the Master of all evil... Cal. He stood there in his worn black hoodie with his hood up, I felt a shivver down my spine as he came closer and closer, I daren't blink but i did, when i had opened my eyes, there he was, standing right infront of me, he looked deep into my eyes with some passion,

passion for evil... As he suddenly said ''I can see it...'' ''See What?'' I replied puzzled, ''The Evil... It grows strong in you, every single second you live...'' ''No i am not evil, i was born good and good is what i shall be''

''No you shall not lauren... for it will grow stronger...'' ''IM NOT LIKE YOU!!! Im not some evil witch'' I screamed at him, as my voice echoes in the woods. ''Lauren do not deny your true calling for every day is a lasting struggle for you... keeping all that evil deep inside, locked away forever, even you know that lauren...'' he replied firmly in his deep dreamy voice.

''Im handling it just fine!'' I replied back surely but weakly. As I tried to walk away, he gripped my arm, holding me still, his grip was firm but gentle. ''Don't deny it lauren you belong with me... Your family would want this...'' He told me gently in his soft voice. ''No I don't belong with you, and my family wouldn't want this..'' i replied almost pleedingly. ''Not your adoptive family, but maybe your real parents...'' He Reminded me. As i yanked my arm away from him, I ran off crying as he reminded me of my past...

Not knowing what to think i ran all the way home and straight to my bedroom, as i laid there on my bed facing the ceiling, his words echoed in my head... '' You belong with me ''

Chapter 2

I woke up the following morning, tired more than ever, his words echoed clearly in my mind still. Suddenly my little sister came running in screaming 'WAKE UP YOU LAZY PIG!!''

''Go away, im awake...'' i replied in a sleepy tone. Then it was suddenly quiet, ''Finally some peace at last..'' Then i realised the time... I was going to be late for school!!! I had already missed the bus, so i took a shortcut, through the forest...

I was walking through the forest, when suddenly he appeared... from behind a tree... Cal.

I tried to carry on walking, but i couldn't i wanted some answers. As i walked up to him, he stops leaning on the tree and stands up straight. ''okay i want some answers...'' i said quite firmly

''There is no answers lauren... for you already know them'' he replied

''okay how do i cal??'' i demanded ''Lauren i can't tell you what you already know''

'' ok since i already know can you now stop following me everywhere??'' i asked softly.

'' I cannot lauren... for i can not leave you until you join me... i can end the eternal struggle for you.. i can help heal you from the battle between good and evil, if you join me'' He replied firmly but softly.

As i walked away, he blowed me a sweet kiss, but i dodged it firmly, then he went, he dissappeared.

When school had finished i walked home with my friends Katie and Tasha. After that we all went our seperate ways as they didn't need to go through the forest as i did. I walked through the forest, although i couldn't see him... i could sense he was there, watching me closely... i just ignored it and walked on.

When i got home i found a bunch of red roses on the kitchen table, it had a card on it, which read,

'Dear Lauren,

i know that Red Roses are your favourite...

so i got you them.

Love you lots Cal.'

As i read the card, i got a glimps of what he was feeling, I sat there still for a moment, when mum walked in

''Oh what gorgeous Roses Loz, who are they from?'' she asked.

''ooh off a friend from school...'' i replied firmly. ''Better go get some water for them'' She said, as she picked them up, she smelt the beautiful aroma of true deep red roses, mixed with some gypsy grass.

I sat there staring at the roses after mum left, then i heard a knock on the door, i knew who it was already, i could smell his deep heavenly scent... Cal.

''come in,'' i called to him. He walked in and looked straight to the roses, as he did i heard mums car engine start, and rumble into the distance. '' I guess we're alone now eh?'' He Said softly.

'' Yes we are...'' i replied firmly but carefully. He sat next to me, he wispered softly into my ear ''i love you lauren, and nothing can change that...'' And with that we kissed.

Chapter 3

The next day, i woke up smiling, happy as ever, but then it all changed... i walked downstairs, to see mother crying, as i walked towards her, i saw it... blood... on mums hands... As i ran towards her, i saw my little sister on the floor, dead.

I cuddled mum as she cried on my shoulder, she said through her tears ''i did the best i could, but it was too late'' she said sobbing into my yellow top. ''It's ok mum, you did your best.'' As i started to cry too.

I lead mum to her bedroom upstairs, as i took the phone into my room and rung cal... He Answered the phone, as he knew who it was ''What is it babe?'' he said to me in his soft voice ''Shes dead... my little sisters dead...'' i said trying to hold back my tears but i just couldn't. ''im coming over now'' he said firmly but reassuringly.

When he arrived, the paramedics were already here, he saw me and my mother curled up together crying into eachothers shoulders, as he walked towards us, i felt a tingle in my spine, i knew it was him...

He Sat next to us... comforting us both, giving us his words of sympathy. When mum had left to go the hospital with the medics, me and Cal were left alone sitting on the couch together. ''Lauren do you want to end the struggle inside?'' He said softly. ''Cal im not being funny or anything but i don't want to be evil...''

''okay i understand im not pushing you or anything'' He said softly, stroking my hair. As we hugged i started to cry, so i cuddled into him, he gives me strenght and courage and comfort, even when the world is going wrong.

Later on, mum came back from the hospital, with mascara running down her face, she looked a total mess, but she didn't care about that right now. She walked straight up to her bedroom and locked herself in, like a teenager that was giving up on life. While me and Cal were still in the living room talking quietly. Soon it came time for him to go. He told me how much he wished he could help more and then kissed me on the head, we cuddled for a while, then he left.

Chapter 4

Mum still hasn't come out of her room today, but i had to get up, and go to school. As i took a shortcut through the forest, Cal was waiting for me just inside the forest, he walked me to school, we talked while i cuddled into him, i felt stronger as i did this, the evil was starting to take over, but Cal's love stopped it.

When we got to the school gates, he kissed me goodbye and went back through the forest. When i arrived into form, everyone was looking at me, it was too much so i ran out crying, i locked myself into a cubicle in the girls toilets until the first bell went, then i started my day normally, except for that i was hurting inside.

Soon it was time for dinner, Cal was outside the window trying to get my attention, We talked until dinner had finished then it was time to go to my next lesson. When school had finished i walked straight home, not waiting for anyone at all. When i got home mum was finally out of her room, she was cooking tea, then i noticed another bunch of roses, this time white, the card read:

'Dear Lauren,

i know this time it's not red roses but they are now white,

for you are a white rose yourself, as you are always

bluming beautifully.

Love from Cal.'

I put them in water, as i did the phone rang, it was for mum. She talked for hours, by the sounds of it, she was sorting out my little sisters funeral... All i could hear was muffled sound coming from the living room so i couldn't tell what she was saying. It soon came time to go to bed, but i laid there awake, thinking, thinking of what happened yesterday, and how i felt about Cal, although he was still evil...

Chapter 5

I woke up the next morning with a mixture of feelings; Fear, love, happyness, sadness,worry, stress ect.

Now that my life is a complete mess! It's hard to keep up with stuff lately! One minute im happy as a lamb then next, melancholly as a wet tuesday! It's probably hormones! Goddd i hate that word....

Anywayzz what happened the past few days was way weird... firstly monday was weird.... 'cause i suddenly found myself walking in the old forest... and then he appeared... Cal, the master of all things evil! I know me and Cal have our differences but... i guess opposits attract... but him following me... has got to stop -shuddering slightly here, i guess that monday was weird.

Secondly Tuesday was even weirder! Cal sending me red roses? ooh come on he must be stalking me! But mum didn't seem like herself that day... i wonder why but thats not my business... and also the kiss! omg! i can't believe i kissed the master of all evil... but i just couldnt help it! I was suddenly just caught up in the moment!

Now for Wednesday... What can i say about that! You already know about my sisters death -sticks a picture of her in a heart :D Gawdd i miss her soooo much... although i wonder how she DID die.... ooh well i guess this is one of those mysteries to be never solved...

Now Yesterday... i couldnt help breaking out in tears during form... everyone tried asking me what was wrong... but i didn't feel right telling them...

and today...

well today was the last of it! today is Beth's funeral... my poor little sister... -sniffle... anyway BYEEE xx wish me luck at my sisters funeral xx love u dad xx hope i see you soon xx

Chapter 6

I woke up, ready to relax... but then i have a phone call 'ohh great' As i answer the phone i get a shivver down my spine... ''Hello?'' i said ''Hello'' Replied the voice... I recognised it, then it suddenly clicked!!! ''DAD!!! ive missed you!!! When you coming?'' i said excitedly. ''soon loz... just got a few problems now how is your mother??'' '' oohh shes just a little caught up still in Beth's funeral and that, i guess she's just not used to loosing people...'' ''No your mother isn't very good at loosing people! Well tell her i called bye sweetie...'' ''Bye dad''

After i put the phone down, i grabbed a towel and went for a bath, i laid there relaxing for hours, still remembering the past few days, like it had all happened at once.

I guess the past few days have been chaotic... Im still deciding wether to become evil or not... But ive got an idea on what im going to say! NO!

Chapter 7

The next day i woke up in bed, still thinking about the past day events, I picked the phone up to ring Cal, to explain to him my answer... He suddenly picked up as soon as it had started ringing, ''Hello?''

''Hey Cal... ive made my desicion...'' i said in a sleepy tone. ''So have i..'' he replied ''you go first''

''I want to be good...'' ''oh wow why?'' i replied shocked, ''For you...'' he replied softly and sweetly.

'' oh wow... really?'' ''yes for you!'' he said excited... ''ok kool soo see youu.... around bout 12ish?''

''ok bye i love you'' ''i love you too'' ''bye'' ''bye''

Soon it came to 12:00, we went out for a romantic walk in the park, he took me for a tour around the forest, where he lives... We sat down together and talked for abit, and then i realised something, that i wanted to be with him forever... and i mean it.


The End

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