The FoolMature

Imagine a lifeform with no essence.Who can jump and adapt bodies at will for evil ends.This is a long running character. With over 40 stories and more.... It is always 6 episodes. with twists and turns. And always murder in many forms. Imagine Taggart with endless body counts or Midsomer Murders. With a global scale.

The Fool

A haze of a mysterious glow.

A Fool and time shall flow.

A sudden appearance of a wise being.

A fool glances as the old one flees.

Some terror emerges from the trees.

The Fool laughs to see .

But now to the creature of no name.

A scorching flame bursts and fares.

The Fool cries and now is dead.

The Wise one has fled but returns with power of long ago said.

Only to find the creature dead.

The Fool rises to greet him.

His eyes glow a mixture of colours.

A ray misses the Wise man.

The Fool is now a deadly man.


The Fool’s tool

The Fool’s tool,And plans to rule.

The Wise man fights The Fool to the death.

Swords and spells now only The Fool is left.

A virgin passes by and catches The Fools eye.

A bit of sex more than once.

A rape caused after the virgin was knocked out.

And a few many scoring more and more.

The fools bloodlust has killed even more.

The Fools body is found slained.

Babies arrive in the fools name.

A christening and scared babies cry.

After each ceremony a servicer dies.

The Fool’s adults


Now the Fool’s adults have grown.

The peoples world isn’t their own.

The evil comes to rule.

To disobey is to be a fool.

A daily mass and a ritual.

To conjure up a evil use as a tool.

On judgement day the Fool’s babies shall be wiped away.

A mass reaches a climax.

The final ritual is all past.

The people are caught and killed.

And now the babies future is fulfilled.





The Fool’s army


The judgement arrives.

And it the end of one life.

The two forces meet for a duel.

Only one has renewal.

The Fool’s army stands on guard.

The other force has no disreguard.

A fight has begun.

The Fool’s army hasn’t won.

The forces duty is now done.

And now a new life for everyone.

Sadly for one.

A birthright has begun.

A pregnant girl is too late for hospital.

A baby is born and slowly dies.

Now a fool who is no fool has arrived.

The Legacy

A naked girl runs through the woods.

A savage and mother killed at birth.

The last of its sort.

The Fool’s legacy lives in its own world.

Male campers die by the dozen.

A second ice-age and she’s neatly frozen.

Millions of centries pass.

And explorers see her ass.

Some good treasure that’s worthy to last.

Some exporting and defrosting is fast.

One day she awakes and greets a student in his wake.

Sex is then a bad start.

In the climax she steals his heart.

A savage life is her art.

And another dead man is a part.

The Savage

The Fool’s tool,Adults,Army and the Legacy comes to a close.

And as it is told.

We end it abode.

The savage is found in a street.

The Police and Army are called in.

A Savage gone barmy.

In a finale chance,She jumps like a lance.

A hail of fire sends her reeling.

In once in her life is real feeling.

The path of death ends in her own.

The nameless girl is buried alone.

And at last the creature’s spirit have flown.







The End

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