The Following Takes Place Between 2:00 AM and 3:00 AM (Act II)Mature

2:19:42 AM

Craig, a hacker recruited by the Mastermind, looked at his computer display and winced. Craig was a gun for hire, figuratively speaking. He loved participating in chaos to the extent that he considered accepting his position in the Mastermind's organization without pay, just for the thrills. But soon realized his skills demanded a certain grade of pay.

"You've got to see this," Craig said. "The dumb asses are improvising."

The Mastermind approached slowly, anger building. "What's the latest foul-up?"

Craig reversed the security log several minutes. The hidden surveillance cameras in the warehouse soon revealed that Victor had recently returned with Gordon Reeves in tow, after taking care of his secret lover.

The Mastermind activated bluetooth. "Marcos, my friend. Give me one reason not to kill you and your friends. I clearly instructed you to leave Reeves alone. You may have jeopardized the entire operation. And that will not go unpunished."

2:25:09 AM

"Chloe, where are you!?" Randall yelled at the top of his lungs.

He waited a few moments. Silence.

"Chloe, come back to me!"

"You threw a bug in my face, how gross," Sara finally answered, emerging from the brush. "And you have no idea where we are. To be honest, I just wanna go home and get some sleep, Randall."

"Don't flake out on me now, Chloe," Randall said. "If we give up now, who will save Jack? We're all he's got."

Sara scowled, twitching nervously. "If we find our way out of here, we should just tell our parents what we know. I'm too tired to keep playing this game."

"It's not a game, Chloe," Randall admonished. "Jack needs our help. Could you live if you found out his captors took him out? I know I couldn't."

"But, I'm so tired, Tony," Sara said ashamedly, before returning to exhaustion. "Can't we just rest for a minute?"

"Actually, that's probably a good idea," Randall said, downing a Red Bull. "I've got a sleeping bag that I brought just in case, but we should take shifts. Why don't you take the first one? I'll keep watch."

Sara slipped into the sleeping bag, hoping she would wake up to a better situation. Randall kept watch, secretly wishing he was protecting Michelle Dessler, not Chloe O'Brien.

The End

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