The Following Ficlet Takes Place Between 2:00 AM and 3:00 AM (Act I)Mature

2:02:02 AM

Marcos wasn’t surprised when Victor returned to the warehouse after taking out his tails. What he hadn’t expected was Victor returning with a bound and hooded man in tow. And the biggest surprise of all was when Victor removed his captive’s hood.

“Dad!” Jason blurted at the sight of Gordon Reeves.

“You brought Reeves here?!” Marcos fumed. “Victor, can’t you do anything right?”

“He knew I was working for you,” Victor explained. “I had to either bring him, or do what I did to the other one.”

“The other one?” Marcos asked.

Victor gestured with his hands, pantomiming a scene in which a car went over a pier and into the bay.

“Besides,” Victor continued, “Now we can keep an eye on the doctor’s every move, while we have him do the money transfers from the computer in your office.”

Marcos considered it, then cracked a smile. “Did I ever tell you I like the way you think?” he asked.


“That’s because I don’t,” Marcos said. “But this could actually work.”

The End

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