The Following Ficlet Takes Place Between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PMMature

07:00:04 PM

Sarah rolled past Randall’s house, but didn’t stop. Jason’s dad was at the door talking to Randall’s mother. Sarah called Arnold when the adults went into the house.

“Edgar, what’s going on over there?” she demanded.

“Jason’s dad showed up,” Arnold explained frantically. “The police told him what happened and now he wants to know what Randall knows about this and I can’t reach him!”


“Division is shutting us down,” Arnold translated. “They’re conducting an internal investigation on Jack’s disappearance and they want to debrief Tony, but he’s gone completely dark!”

Then Arnold added, “What do we do?”

Sarah thought about it a moment. What could they do?

“Okay, send everything you have to my computer, delete it from the server, and meet me by the emergency exit,” Sarah instructed. “We’ll have to set up a remote.”

She wheeled around to the back of Randall’s house. Moments later, the window to the basement bathroom opened and Arnold was pushing himself through it.

7:03:17 PM

Arnold had just cleared the window, when Jason’s dad poked his head through.

“Arnold, we just need to know where Randall went!” he called after him.

Sarah’s bike lurched forward as Arnold jumped onto the foot pegs and wrapped his arms around Sarah’s waist.

“Go! Go! Go!!” he screamed. Sarah took off like a shot.

“Damn it!” Jason’s dad swore.

Sarah and Arnold rode through the park, past a boy trying to coax his brother off of the jungle gym.

“You can’t fly, Peter,” the boy said.

“Just watch me, Nathan!” his brother answered. He took a step and plummetted into a pile of cedar chips.

It was starting to get dark and Sarah and Arnold needed to find a place to set up their new control center, some place with Wi-Fi access. They couldn’t go to either of their homes. That was the next place the adults would try to find them. The library was closing in less than two hours. They would need more time than that.

Sarah pedaled toward Starbucks.

The End

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