The Focus

Take a look around you.

I wish I still had the focus and uncorrupted brain to be able to concentrate long enough to write a decent story at least. But I'm afraid all that has been lost forever, as I dig my hole deeper.

But what lies within the depths of this brain? In those blackened corners, dripping ash? Unexplored, yet taken over. They never had a chance. The world was too much for them.

If only it could be understood, the eyes that I look through.

They hold on to a subject, and disappear into nothingness, no longer existent. The brain closes to protect itself and you now seem emptiness. Who would have thought it wears a slight smile? But it's a sly one.

"I will never let you sleep in peace again," the voice whispers to me. "You're mine now."

I let it consume me with a cold acceptance. I take responsibility for what's been done. I chose this path...

But it was the rubber duck beckoning me at the end...He watches me with a cold stare. He's everything.

The friend in the mirror is convinced that this is the end...They have never felt so bad in their lives. But what has happened, happened. There's no turning back ever.

The End

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