The fly that buzzed the loudest..

"The fly that buzzed the loudest got swatted FIRST!"
I was the fly, of course, that mommy was talking about, the noisy one.
"Bzzz Bzzz", whispered Jimmy, thats my brother, "Bzz Bzzz Bzzzzzzz" He's trying to get me going.. and its working.." SHUT UP you IDIOT!!!"
A hard SMACK across my face from my mom's hand and a confinment to my room meant his plan had succeeded... He was free to watch "SuperMutants!".. instead of  WWX wrestling... which was my choice.
"Its not fair".. i protested "He was fighting too! mister POOPIE two shoes!"
" Martin dont call  your brother names!" Mom yelled back.. though conceiling a giggle " AND he was fighting QUIETLY, which is all I care about right NOW!"
Right now was since dad died.


The End

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