Fluffy Learns to Sail

It  was a hot day and the water was cool,

Fluffy was just getting out of school,

|__/[  ]\__
She dropped her backpack on the floor,

 |_| .|_|
And ran  straight back out the door.

She begged Aunt Sue to take her to the beach,

< (  *  .  *  ) >*||*
Aunt Sue was working hard at planting a flowering peach,

Fluffy helped her plant the tree
< (  *  .  *  ) >
Which convinced Aunt Sue to agree,

They drove to the beach, and Fluffy jumped in the sand,

They went to the concerts and bobbed their heads to the bands,

,(  >*.*)>~~^~~~~~~~ 
Then Fluffy saw a  sailboat in the sea,

And said, "Aunt Sue!!! Won't you please sail with me??"

< (  *  .  *  ) >
Aunt Sue said no, but rented her a boat,

And Pushed her off into the ocean to float,

Fluffy sailed around and found a cave,

Getting out was quite the close shave,

Inside the cave was a mysterious box

It opened when Fluffy jiggled the lock

Inside it was filled with gold and pearls.

Fluffy excitedly loaded it on,


But just as her boat became water-borne,

The boat capsized, and she fell out!

 Fluffy climbed back in without,

 The treasure; it was at the bottom of the ocean.

The End

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