Fluffy tries to climb Mt. Everest!

Fluffy awoke, relaxed from her rest
And dreamt she was climbing mount everest!
                            *||* *||*                              *****
She saw the tree-tops, sugared with snow
      <{-_-}> <(*.*)>   <[O.O}>   <{#-#)>
she saw the heavens and the people below

But this dream quickly spun on Fluffy
Like the agony of listening to Duffy
A tiny avalanche caught her in motion
She rode the diamond dust all the way to the ocean!

She shook her head and the snowflakes fell
'That was fun', she said, 'Even if I fell!'
She recounted that dream later at breakfast
'I can't wait to dream again' she said 'that was a blast!'

The End

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