Fluffy Joins the School Play

Fluffy, one day

Wanted to join the school play. 

<(*.*)> <(%.%)>
So she went up to her drama teacher

Who was sitting up on the bleachers.

(>%.%)>[|||] <(*.*<)

She handed her a book of plays

Written in the Shakespearean days.

Fluffy read the book all night,

Until she got the lines all right.
Fluffy went to the play, and stood behind the curtain.

Suddenly, she wasn't certain

That she would say her lines correct.

That got Fluffy really frightened

Her teacher said, 'You have to try it!'

So Fluffy tried it, and she was alright,

(>*.*)> #
And her parents bought her waffles that night!

The moral is, you see,

Give up
Never give up on anything!

The End

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