Fluffy Eats Dinner

Fluffy was eating a doughnut for dinner,

<(   O . O   )>
When she  noticed she needed to get thinner,

(>\* . * )>
So she called the doctor and asked him to spin her,

A prescription for diet pills to make her look like a winner.

<(  * . *  )>
She took the pills, but didn't get thinner,

She went to the preacher, who called her a sinner,

(o)<(*_*)><(  * . *  )>
Told her she'd have to give up doughnuts for dinner,

But suddenly the diet pills worked and she felt like a winner,

And commenced to eat doughnuts for dinner.

<(  # . #  )>
What Fluffy couldn't see to see,

Was that the diet pills hadn't made her thinner,
Rather not eating doughnuts for dinner.

<(    * .  *   )>
Which is why Fluffy will never again be


-Until this chapter ends, that is.-

The End

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