Fluffy goes Swimming

It was summer, and fluffy felt hot

So she decided to go for a swim

But then she had a sudden thought

That made her bright idea lightbulb grow dim:

Fluffy didn't know how to swim.

She took a deep breath and let out a sigh

And put on her water wings so if she failed, she wouldn't die,

____,( <0 *(_____|
And walked very slowly to the pool,

Mouth wide, looking and feeling like an utter fool,

Praying she wouldn't see anyone from school.

__________,(< *(_|
Finally arriving at the gates,

Her eyes as wide as dinner plates,

She waded slowly into the pool

Enjoying the feeling of the cool

Water, she thought, "this isn't so bad!"

And finally was happy, not sad!

-,(   0>)>0-
She quickly removed her water wings

Upon which she started to drown of all things!

Fortunately, a lifeguard heard her shout,

He rushed over and pulled her out,

He gave her a towel, drying her and her pout.

What gives this lesson all of this clout?
Everyone has felt this wipeout.

<(*.*)>?<(  ???<)
What is the lesson of this latest fallout?

"Don't be brazen!" Says Fluffy's penguin cousin.

The End

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