Fluffy Finds a Treasure Map

One day fluffy was feeling prickly,

Her temperature suggested that she was sickly,

-~=,( $< *)
So she ran to the store especially quickly,

Only to find that since she'd dressed so thickly,

She no longer felt a bit prickly!

So she used her money to buy a book,

And when she sat down and opened it up to have a look,

She noticed something in the pages, upon which she shook,

 She realized one paper was a treasure map,

[*~'~,~x]<(*.*[I]<   ),
That, from the pages, she carefully took.

She began to dream of being like Captain VonTrapp,

As she stared at the page in her lap,

^^^  <(*.*)>
Of sailing the seas, and searching the shores,

Forgetting all of her burdens and chores.

[Buy Kellogg's Cereal!]
But then she noticed that it came from the back of a cereal box,

That the map was a cheap xerox,

And began to feel prickly again,

But since she had bought the book, she couldn't afford

Her medicine; she wasn't healthy or happy anymore.

The lesson from this I would like you to store,

| .|
Instead of hurrying out the door.

Is that treasure maps are never real,

Its never that easy to get a good deal,

<(*.*)>$<(  $$$$$<)
And anyone who tells you otherwise is a con artist. 

The End

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